First Days of Year 1 Sem 2

france, 2013 (photo credits: me)

Monday: First Day Back at School
I was sooo proud of myself cos I went to school an hour early to queue up for textbooks, and there were about 3 people in front of me only! :D Last semester I went after lunch and the queue took me almost an hour! D: Then after that studied with Christine until 6pm. I probably slept more than I studied but I guess that comes from not reading the textbook for such a long time. I better read more so that I will fall asleep less often /:

Tuesday: First Day of Chingay Training
It was a total mess. Trust me, we should not attempt to group people on the spot ever again. Or at least don't try to group 2 groups of people into the same groups at the same time, especially not with an irritating person trying to poke his nose into everything, including how I should talk so that the students will listen to me. Me and px were talking about him since the start of the training. Ade was alr calling him names behind his back after the training. Such a terrible person. I will try to minimise contact with him by disappearing from future trainings held in RP. Which means I will offer to be at NYP during the concurrent training instead.

Wednesday: First Off Day
Sat at home in the day until around 4.30pm when I went out to study with ade. Usually our study dates end up with me tutoring her, and today was no different, but today was also bitch about the above-mentioned guy hahaha. Seriously, I have met with a whole new level of irritating. Maybe he wasn't that bad, but it probably was because of the chaos and the mess that he seemed worse than he should have been. But in any case, bad is still bad.