Table Manners + MPH Book Fair

Sijia wanted to go to the MPH Book Fair, so we decided to meet for lunch first. It was a good thing we decided against lunch at Changi Village and eat at Changi City Point instead, because our meeting time dragged from 11.30am all the way until I arrived at 2pm >.< if we were meeting at Changi Village, we'd probably never make it to the book fair. We were deciding among two places for lunch, Table Manners or Eggs and Berries. We picked Table Manners in the end, but Eggs and Berries also looked quite quaint, so I probably would visit it someday. Maybe when there is another exhibition being held at Expo.

The tables inside Table Manners had these pieces of paper teaching people their table manners;
Me and Sijia were having fun reading it, and I knew all of them alr anw.

Pumpkin soup;

My lunch;

mashed potatoes / sauteed mushrooms / baked salmon

Sijia's lunch;

fish / aglio olio / truffle fries

The portions were quite big for the price, which is a good thing for a big appetite like mine (: Also, all of the food were quite good, except maybe the truffle fries. The fries were most probably cooked normally and had truffle oil poured over them, that's why they tasted like normal fries at the top but more like truffle fries at the bottom, according to Sijia.

This probably doesn't look like the most appetising thing, but the taste of chocolate is really strong, and we ate it all up! :D

Also, the restaurant has these cute little napkins;

Which obviously being me, I couldn't resist a photo of myself in them (:
Hehe so cute right! ^___^

So after lunch, we headed to the book fair. I got 5 books for $35, and Sijia got 10 for $55, and that is before the 5% discount we got from PAssion card.

I'm currently alr loving one of my books. It's called Crazy Rich Asians. The cover looks totally bimbo, with it being all gold in colour and pink letterings for the title, which was what attracted me to the book in the first place. But the story isn't all that bimbo, it just makes some of the things asians do seem ridiculous. For example, buying over a hotel in England simply because the manager was being racist and they wanted to fire him. But why not right, especially since they are from the richest country in the world, boasting the highest concentration of millionaires, aka Singapore. I can't stop laughing at the weird weird things asians do, and it's not like it is false, it is truly a reflection of what rich asians are doing all over the world, but it is just so funny. Maybe I should 检讨 myself a bit.

Anw me and Sijia are going to swap books, I want to read her political commentary on China called The Fat Years. And she wants to read my Crazy Rich Asians. I'm not really too interested in her other books though, cos the majority are Sophie Kinsella books. I have another book I'm quite anticipating, which is about the history of the Lost Continent, Atlantis. But school's starting, and I probably should read my readings instead /: