Bistro Kai Burger & Beer

Today I brought ade to Purvis Street (the street of many cafés in town area) because we wanted to eat at a café for dinner. The only problem was that we were there at about 5.30pm, and I think many stores were not yet open for the dinner hours. So we chanced upon this rare opened food place and went in. But because it was so empty I was afraid they were closed, and I had to ask to confirm that they were open for business >.<

So we had the whole restaurant to ourselves;

The restaurant actually turned out to be a hotel instead, which we found out only when they gave us the feedback form to fill in. And we were wondering why so many caucasians kept walking in and out of the "kitchen". It was actually the lift lobby hehe :P

That it was also a hotel suddenly made so much sense about its really good service too. I mean, if they were just mainly serving singaporeans they probably would never bother to ask how was the food, nor ask for feedback etc. It also wouldn't be the same waiter taking the orders and serving the food. He also probably would not remember which dish was ordered by who. So since it was caucasian style, I decided to tip the waiter. But then I thought about the in-built service charge in the singapore system. So while I wanted to give 15%, I gave 5% ($2) instead, cos we had alr paid the other 10% in the bill.

Now for the food;

I ordered the beef burger, while ade got the pork instead. One thing we could both agree on, was that the fries were a little too salty. I liked the beef patty because it was ground with black pepper, which made it so much tastier than those which just dripped black pepper sauce all over, because the inside of the patty had the taste of the seasoning as well (: