Chingay 2014

I seriously think PA 会把我们宠坏. They prepare buses to stop at every MRT station for the Leaders to get off anywhere they wished, and they let the SOICs and YPC take cab home after every training and parade. They even booked hotel rooms for us for the two official parade nights, so that we didn't have to go all the way home to travel back down again. Which meant that we had supper both evenings and we could wake up later since we were so near to the F1 Pit. They also let us watch the entire full-dress rehearsal in the name of letting us learn the cues for when to cheer.

Rehearsal was super fun and I think all the Leaders were really enthu about the upcoming parades and they were having a super good time! ^_^ We were singing along to the songs and cheering with the emcee;

Theme song of the year;

The parade this year was really pretty! At least it is as compared to the bits and snippets of what I have seen from the previous years. Maybe it's also because this is the first time I have watched the entire show without breaks in between to fulfill some other duties. But still, a successful rehearsal with only highly motivated leaders will not prevent things from going all wrong during the actual day with 1000 vols.

Day 1 was a killer for Red sector because all the vols weren't cleared for security, and I had all of them clear under my name. Admin was messed up too because of the staggered arrival of buses from the different schools. One bus from a certain school would not have been cleared and the next thing we knew, another bus from a different school would arrive. And that was when the sectors had alr been dispatched for afternoon duties, so there were no leaders available to help facilitate the process. Then there weren't enough goodie bags in the Red sector, and when they arrived, they all had to go through the security machine T____T Food had to go in through the scanner too. So our first batch for dinner was 8pm. Kids were wailing and teachers were telling me about how hungry their children were. It's not like I could help it. I think after a while the police got fed up with having to scan everything they just let it pass. Including me. I walked right through the scanner a few times without removing my comms set. 

Day 2 was accident day. Two vols dropped their phones into the portable toilets. As far as I know, one of them had alr been retrieved. I heard one of the public at the yellow sector was sent to the hospital. A volunteer from idk which sector was sent to the hospital too. But the processes at Red were much more smoothing-flowing thanks to it being a Saturday. That meant that less people were late due to school or work, and there was no need for me to be stuck at the admin booth til 6pm. Also, there was no security clearance, so we moved out for afternoon duties in good time. But the packing of water into the goodie bags turned out to be problematic. Although I think when gates opened, everything turned for the better.

At the end of the day, SOICs and YPC had a photo-taking session until 2am in the morning;

Today, I watched the delayed telecast on TV. Channel 8 made it seem as if both the Prime Minister and President were there at the parade grounds on the same day when in fact the PM came on Friday while the President came on Saturday. Red sector leaders were discussing the show on our sectors' whatsapp chat while the show was playing. The feeling of being there and watching it on tv is really different. To watch it alone and to watch it together is also very different. We may not have been watching it while sitting in front of the same tv, but as long as we know that we are in the company of each other, I think that is what matters most ♥

When admin finishes with keying in of CIP hours, it would be the official end of Chingay 14. Chingay with PA and Chingay with Heartware may seem like doing the same duties, but the process of going about doing it is different. Fact is, no one method is better than the other, so I shall not attempt to compare.

I seriously want to thank all the volunteers for making a difference, because no matter how good the leaders, SOICs and YPC are, there are only a limited number of us. Red has approximately 20 of us, but we will never be able to take care of 26 ticketing lanes while motivating close to 5000 spectators at the same time. I really appreciated everyone, even though it may not have seemed like it.

Right now, while we are still clearing backlog for CP14, Alex has alr started talking about CP15. And here we go again~