CP14 Appreciation Party

6pm. We weren't so ready to be appreciated yet. We had carpark duties to fulfil first /:

I'm ashamed to say we missed one car, and let him park at the normal parking instead of the VIP parking area D: but we did get $10 for standing around for an hour and chit-chatting half the time away haha. I think PA is seriously too nice alr.

Around 7.40pm we were down at the party to enjoy ourselves;

the party was much grander than what i was expecting

didn't know they were invited but yayee \(^_^)/

even tiger beer was much nicer than the fruit punch

the dancers danced amongst the audience

yong liang and the youngest performer in the whole of chingay

Before I left the house I felt like I needed to get a change of clothes, cos it was one of my matchy-matchy days again. On top of that, I probably did look like I was a little too patriotic. I was wearing the CP14 shirt (red), shorts (green, the only non-red and non-white thing i had on me), hairclip (silver), choker with a rose folded with love from kaiwen (red), bag (pink), shoes (silver) and this;
I think I should be dressed like that for NDP instead ._.

Souvenirs from the evening;

*TAG. Notice it was handwritten. I had to write for everyone cos there were not enough printed ones to go around. And since Chanel was there to help with carpark duties, she got one too;
Since upgrade le you must stay upgraded until 2015 ya! Go take over my position in admin, so that I can step down. I seriously don't want to have to bother everyone if I suddenly cannot commit due to my op. So D you take note, and take me out of that irritating list >.< Even jeff agreed to me stepping down and be leader.

*TWO EZ-LINK CARDS. These were the door gifts. We rejected the scarfs since we all had at least one each alr. But anw the ez-link cards are super chio, with the batik prints on them. Sadly I use a student pass, so I gave both away to my parents ): PA is really generous, two cards per person on absolutely pretty paper, both in terms of the quality and design.

*PHOTOBOOTH PIC. I totally regretted what I wrote on my speech bubble T___T let's just not talk about it anymore. I'm even more disturbed by the fact that my lousy pun is going to be up on PA's fb page .___.