Crazy Weekend + Monday

Last week was the biannual Singapore Air Show;
yes, i took this photo

As per normal, I was helping out at the booth on my free days, which meant I burnt my entire weekend there. I haven’t had a good rest since the end of Chingay last weekend and I killed myself this weekend again. I seriously need to reflect on my suicidal tactics. Though I don’t think it was my fault, since someone else messed up my entire schedule for me. If not I’d probably have enough time to complete everything and rest too. But it was nice that Sing Yiing, Ben, Yao Xing and Deryk came to visit me at the booth! :D Ben also bought a reservoir from me at less than half the price.

I also met the Black Eagles who were visiting our booth! :D

I met this really obnoxious media lady during the Air Show called Renee. Idk which media she works for but she’d better not let me find out. Who does she think she is to flip through the items and throw it around as if we have to clean up after her? The booth items were on display nicely, and people with class and respect would put things back where they found them. Didn’t her parents teach her that after borrowing items from someone else, they have to return it to their pristine condition? And also, when she wanted to get an item she kept emphasising that she is the media and we should sell her cheaper. I kept saying no, and she told me I haven’t even tried to ask. Well, that’s cos I have the final say. And she kept asking for us to give it to her instead so that she can help us do brand exposure. And it’s not like she said it in those kind of nice way. It was more of saying she has a lot of power as the media and we’d better just listen to her. Well, if you did have so much power why have I not even heard of whichever media you’re working for? And if your coverage is so good can you not even afford yourself a pair of sunglasses? Seriously some people are full of nonsense.


Then after the Air Show ended on sun evening, I went to find the Clique for our failed Timbre outing;

Yep I know you can see it! Jiamin is back in sg! And she is flying back to Japan this weekend ): this was the only clique outing we had since she came back, because we all are very busy people. Amanda would tell you that just so she could make it for the outing she had to stay in school until 2am on sat night.

And also, cos we are such busy people, this is another very efficient outing. It was clique CNY + clique vday + welcome home jm + good-bye jm. I am really sad we can't make it for another outing with jm before she flies again ):


Monday evening after school was French Fondue Party at my house! :D I invited my Big Red Family over for dinner and we ate two jars of the fondue I brought back from France. We ate the 70% dark chocolate and white chocolate with raspberry flavours. Because marshmallows were so 不热门, we ended up playing 7-Up and the losers had to eat one marshmallow and say Chubby Bunny x: sadly we didn’t take much pictures D:

After eating they ended up helping me key CIP hours, and I really am very grateful and appreciative to those who stayed up with me through the night. I can go to school without sleep but to have everyone else sleep so little as well, I feel so bad >.< next time, we’ll have an outing without work ya! We can open the other two flavours of fondue that we didn’t open yesterday (:

Also, special mention to Aloysious for the vday roses for all the girls who turned up ^_^ in return, we each did a post on insta for him with a quote about a rose;


This aftnn, me and Pei Xuan and Chanel our escort went down to PA office to give back to the staff all the attendance sheets. I guess that officially wraps up all the work for the CP14 Admin Team. Whatever that’s left for CP14 will probably be the dinners and the meet-ups and the memories