Forever Alone Day 2014

This year's vday is a little more special than the others because it is also 正月十五, otherwise known as 元宵节 or one of the three chinese vdays. And the lunar and solar calendar vdays only coincide once in 19 years! ^___^

But no matter how special the day is in itself, it still has not yet become special for me cos I'm still celebrating #foreveralone day D: worse still, I am super low profile in uni, so I did not prepare anything small to give away. Neither did I receive any roses or candy or cookies until class was over. Maybe it was a good thing, since I had no time to prepare for vday right after Chingay anw. If someone really did give me something, I'd probably feel so guilty I didn't prepare for them in return /:

After class I headed to plaza sing to meet sijia just so that I could get cookies from her! :D I am that desperate haha. Thank you sijia for always baking stuff on special occasions. And also thank you for giving me something on your bday when I should be the one giving you a bday gift instead >.< I'll make it up to you this sunday!

Dinner was me hoping for a miracle cos ade ditched me at around 3.30pm ): I know it's not her fault so I don't blame her. But it is really tough to find a dinner date on vday. Ended up having dinner with Ziquan. Thank you for travelling all the way down from jurong to novena just cos I decided I wanted to eat ramen for dinner :D and thank you for the candy too! There are always perks in having other #foreveralone friends.