I'm a Vegetarian Day 2

I spent almost my entire day nua-ing on my bed cos being a vegetarian is too tough. I'm lacking in energy from being hungry all day /: but integrity counts, so I shall not attempt to deviate away from my homework nor cheat by having snacks in between.

Because I almost forgot that I was a vegetarian, I decided I had to do something to remind myself. And I changed my phone's wallpaper to a picture of vegetables, so that each time I checked for notifications, I would be reminded ._.

Milk + donut. Breakfast being an ovo-lacto vegetarian seems the same, because I usually don't take meat in the morn. And since eggs and milk are alright, donuts, bread, jams and most of my normal breakfast foods are not taken off the list of things I can eat.

酿豆腐 with only vegetable ingredients. Idk if this counts as cheating, because the soup has obviously been used to cook meat as well. But I really had no other choice alr, since the entire food court had nothing specially catered for vegetarians. And I thought dragging my whole family with me to the food court would do the trick. They could have meat while I ate something vegetarian. It turned out a failure /:

Spaghetti with tomato sauce. This is probably cheating again cos I went to the spaghetti stall and told them not to add in the chicken meat. But the utensils used to cook them have alr been contaminated. Couldn't help it though, as there was again no vegetarian stall available.

I realised that people are very thoughtful, because when I said that I wanted spaghetti for vegetarians, the uncle told me that the sauce contains garlic, which is a no-no for buddhist vegetarians, and asked if I would like to go to another stall for my food instead. This makes me feel like singaporeans care for each other and they respect each other's eating habits (':

I also feel that having a whole family of vegetarians would be much easier. They would all have to travel to a certain place to eat a certain kind of food. Unlike me, where my family still had to accommodate my temporary eating habits and go out of the way to find food for me. It makes me think about strict vegetarians who eat out with their friends. If they weren't like me, and prefer to insist on eating only from pure vegetarian stalls, they would probably never have their way with the majority omnivorous gang, and would end up going hungry most of the time ):

It's the final day of my being a vegetarian tmr! :D even though I miss all the other foods I've been looking at, it's really been an enlightening process ^_^ vegetarians, I feel your pain in finding food around sg >.<