Last Day of My Vegetarian Journey

This is one of my absolutely fruitful days again hehe :D sometimes even I find myself amazing at how I manage to squeeze four meet-ups in a day and still have me-time in between. Today is also one of those awkz days where I decide to wear a dress out for no particular reason at all.

In the morn I woke up bright and early to send jm off to Japan;
Jm's mom is super cute, she keep saying funny things like {jm 要吃菜} during breakfast, and then she commented on how fair hj is, that's why she can wear the brighter coloured watches. Yep, today I brought my collection of watches out to the airport so that jm could get her watches before she left the country again. Otherwise she would have to wait until she comes back in aug. JIAMIN I MISS YOU ALR D: we must make it a point to oovoo on your bday ya! It's your japanese coming-of-age party leh, how could we miss it for the world.

Then after that I went to Bishan library to study a little while waiting for sijia. She gave me cake that she baked again \(^_^)/ I love it that sijia always remembers me when she bakes ♥ in exchange she received her belated bday gift and some tea that I mixed. Jm was the only person to receive all three types of tea, while sijia and christine's ones only have two types each, for the obvious reason that jm is leaving the country. Sorry christine I didn't bring your tea out today cos I didn't expect to meet you /:

After that was RP with the Big Red Family gang. That lasted a little while until I met christine and eujin so that christine could choose her watches too. Since I had alr brought out the entire set, I might as well bring it to christine so I don't have to bring it out again right. Amanda is such a burden seriously. Last person who has not picked her watch yet. GRRR >.<


Now for the last leg of my vegetarian journey. Then tmr I can change my wallpaper back to the clique photoshoot one alr ^___^

Toast set. I'm so glad breakfast still remains as always.

I was watching hj eat chicken noodles, and this was probably the only thing in the place that was okay for my diet. Thanks hj for paying for my food! ^_^ she said it was for the watches.

With love from sijia! ♥

This is damn sad seriously. From so many dishes, the only thing I could choose was the egg ):