Post CNY Blues

It's back to school. Last night I found out some shocking news, which was that many schools were having an off-day today. It wasn't so bad when NTU declared an off-day. But to know that it is only us who did not have an off-day came crashing hard.

I almost couldn't wake up for school this morning, causing me to miss 20mins of a 40min class /: my brain probably had rested too much that it was in a state of inertia. I could never get the math behind the econs formula even though it was simple indices. Like how (M/P) to the power of -1 is (P/M). And I even forgot to take my attendance. So I attended class for no points T___T hopefully I get out of the play mode and into the school mode soon! >.<

After I got home I began working on this Friday and Saturday's crazy attendance sheet. That excel file had 174 tabs O: I don't think it has been so complicated ever. But oh wells, if spending 6hrs doing the attendance sheet well will prevent further conflict, then I guess it's worth it. But then again, what happened to the last time the admin team followed instructions .___.

Not only is Chingay taking up so much of my study time (which I don't usually spend studying anw), it has also eaten into my shopping + going out time before CNY. And I am feeling the repercussions now. Usually I wear new clothes for all the 15days of CNY, but then as I was looking through my clothes just now to decide on what to wear to the rehearsal tmr, I realised that my clothes will probably only last until the ninth or tenth day T___T and by that I mean that I have alr included all the clothes that I did not buy especially for CNY, they just have not yet worn before.

It's almost 1am now, so I'd better go to bed if I still hope to wake up at 7am tmr. If I really make it up bright and early, I can at least read for an hour before heading off to school. But what are the chances I don't snooze the alarm haha.