Timbre + Day 1 of Vegetarianism

I guess almost anyone can see, that after Chingay I have had so much more time for my other friends. Sorry for neglecting everyone! I'm going to do my best to make it all up to you >.< of course, I need to study too, but it's recess week~ \(^_^)/ and also, the Headstart class ended, so mondays are technically 4hrs more free now hehe :D

Yesterday evening was an impromptu last dinner with jm before she flies off. Amanda was the one who suggested the dinner and guess who didn't turn up? =.=

So I met jm pretty early, around 5.40pm. And by then she probably had alr waited half an hour for me x: the sky was bright, and Timbre was not yet open, so we sat by the river taking pictures;
For the first time ever, my camera's panoramic function was put to use. And I still haven't figured out how to use it, jm was the only one who could do it. Eu Jin better be grateful. His homework 动用 his girlfriend's clique also leh.

Then when Christine said she was near, we went into Timbre first and ordered our food;

my bailey's chocolate milk x:

officially loving the duck portion of the pizza~

truffle fries really fried in truffle oil. didn't fancy the sauce though

After dinner we went to take photos of the night view of Clarke Quay, because day shots are not enough for ej's hw;
This is when long arms come into good use. Only jm can take these kinds of photos through the bars of the bridge.

Desserts were Madame Patisserie again, because that's like the only patisserie available in the Boat Quay / Clarke Quay area. The rest are alcoholic restaurants and pubs. We ordered cake and tea like the last time, just that they were different cakes and different tea;
Red berries tea, probably something hj and amanda should have ordered the last time instead of the rosehip tea. Although Christine said they will still add sugar to it. Lemon meringue tart that went well when eaten together with the rich chocolate cake. I am not a big fan of meringue because I don't really like the burnt part. Maybe that's why I didn't like the cake during our visit to Shaslik as well. Raspberry cheesecake was just normal cheesecake with a raspberry jam topping. I liked the layer of raspberry jam, but it was a little too thin for the rest of the cake /:


Today is the first day of my being a vegetarian for my Sociology of Food presentation, and I was hungry right from breakfast. I'm so glad we chose ovo-lacto vegetarianism, so I still get to enjoy cake and ice-cream, or else I'd just jump off the building right now.
- Breakfast was pink guava juice and 千层糕;
- Lunch was popiah and sugar cane juice at Newton Circus;
Alr Newton Circus does not have all the stalls open during the aftnn hours, so my choices were super limited. It was almost equivalent to zero, until I decided I had to eat. So I told the popiah stall uncle that I wanted popiah without the prawns ._.
- Dinner was quite tough, judging that Crystal and Ben had to accompany me to find vegetarian food. We walked up and down, but could not find something that they wanted to eat, plus was alright for my vegetarian diet too. We ended up at Crust, and we ordered half vegetarian pizza. The other half was BBQ chicken for themselves;
Then we went to eat ice-cream at Udders;

Thank you Crystal and Ben for accommodating me + paying for the meal. Seriously, let me pay next time ya? If not the two of you end up paying all the time >.<

This does not mark the end of my weekend adventure, because I am just about to leave my house for supper /: this friday + saturday combination is another one of my suicide moves, but I'm glad to announce that I will be sleeping in as late as I can tmr! ^___^