CP14 SOICs Party

Finally I've recovered from my last night's sleep debt and I am sane enough to be typing this.

It was kind of funny how we wanted to include the NYP and RP people in our party, but we ended up having a private party at Buffet Town instead. And it was PA's treat ❤️ on top of that, we each got Cathay movie passes and popcorn vouchers as a token of appreciation from PA too! ^_^

There was also an impromptu birthday surprise for Alex whose birthday was the day before. We started planning at 6.30pm when the dinner was at 7.30pm /: I thought we were super secretive alr but Alex said he kind of knew. Am I really so fail at surprises? T___T cake was cake balls from dessert.cup. I can't even call them cake pops cos they have no sticks ._.

Dinner ended at 10pm, cos the place was closing. Most of us had a Round 2, though it was a different kind of Round 2 for all of us. Some of them went off to Sentosa Cove. Leoling couple, Dr. Foo couple, Poh & kz couple went off to watch Make Me Shudder with sy. Me, Ziyi and Alex went driving around sg. All of us got home between 2-4am in the morn. And Deryk stayed over at Sentosa Cove so he only went home when the sun was shining bright.

Yesterday night, Huilin also asked Deryk and Jiaqi to write a testimonial each. Yaoxing suggested I do one in mandarin, which got vetoed by Alex hehe. I'm glad I didn't have to do that cos I'd probably end up so 糗. Especially after my stupid pun on Wednesday. But cos I was kind of bored so I scribbled a few sentences on my notebook. Typing in mandarin is a tough job, and I obviously will not take pictures of my scribbles and cui handwriting, so I decided to record it instead. So here goes nothing;

Last thing, 1314 节快乐!