Winson loves to say I like to give excuses to make myself feel better. My latest excuse for not going straight home after school and get on with my readings is that my phone screen cracked and I needed to fix it.

After 5.5yrs of manhandling 4 iPhones with the belief that the Gorilla Glass would never break, it finally happened to me ._. I was in school and using my phone as usual, when some guy rushing off to somewhere bumped into me and knocked my phone right out of my hand. When I picked it up, this is is what I saw;
Kudos to you if you can actually read the texts. It was so bad I had to keep tilting my phone up, down, left and right and scrolling here and there so that I could read and reply messages. Luckily I am accustomed to the keypad so I don't have to look at it too hard to type.

I know some people's hearts would shatter together with their screen, but I was just incredulous. Like {OMG SO IT REALLY DOES CRACK} O.O I wasn't upset or anything, but it felt kind of funny because when I typed I could feel the little glass bits on the screen. And it looked so ugly I couldn't even bear to look at my own phone. I just put it in my pocket and replied messages when it vibrated at least thrice. Saved me a lot of battery today haha.

After school, I called Singtel and some Apple retailers to find out where is the nearest place I could go to get it done. Singtel only does it at the Comms Centre, and the person whose line the iPhone is bought under must bring the phone there personally. Which obviously was a very bad idea because if I told my dad he had to bring me there, he might only do it like three days later. And then my phone would get stuck at the Comms Centre for a week. And I would have to pay $380 for living a week without a phone.

Out of the three Apple retailers I called, EpiCentre did not pick up, and the other two said I have to pay $450 for a one-to-one exchange for the entire phone. They do not do screen replacement only. I might as well buy a new iPhone then sell this one with the broken screen. The overall expenditure might still be less.

I cannot tell about how I found out about the place I went up going cos it's kind of a secret. Anyone who wants to know can just ask me. I actually went to Sim Lim Square and got only my screen replaced in 15mins for $130 including a diamond screen protector! ^_^ And the screen is a real one, not a fake one.

After half a day of not being able to bear the sight of my phone, I now can't stop looking at it cos the diamond screen protector so chio! I am going to hyperventilate and die :D