First Experience of Westgate

Are open concepts the new trend lately? After Star Vista, Westgate also has stores outdoors. But it's not exactly the same, since Westgate only has half of its mall outdoors, but the other half of it is just like any other regular mall;
The left side of the photo is the open area, and the right side is the enclosed side with air-conditioning throughout.

On the highest floor, it also has a kids playground with a treehouse! :D

The water area also had a changing room and a human-sized drying machine like the one in USS;

I would have stayed longer outdoors if not that the sun was shining brightly and it was drizzling all at the same time.

There are quite a few note-worthy stores like Typo, Borders, Hot Tomato, L'Occitane, Pandora, Royce, Tim Ho Wan, Yves Rocher, etc. The collection of jap food there is also very commendable! There is probably at least 10 jap restaurants there, including Ippudo, Kinoshita (their first overseas outlet!), Robata Robata (a buffet place that smelled real good when I passed by).

Coupled with jem, I think they make a very comprehensive lifestyle arena. Even better than jem, I noticed that in Westgate all the stores of the same category are grouped within the same area. Like when I came out from one of the escalators, surrounding me were all the telcos and technical accessories stores. Then there is another stretch of walk with just wellness and beauty. It's so easy to compare prices cos they are so close to each other heh.

But then, as I was walking around I was approached by a sales assistant, and I waved good-bye to $140. Notice the pun? {Waved} like waving the credit card? Haha. But I have to say he did give a very good discount, like almost 50% off. I paid for the scrub ($140) and got the body butter ($120) free. He tried selling me two sets, but I decided I would come back if I really liked it. Even though it would be twice the price altogether, if I really like it I wouldn't mind the price. The product is really not bad, the guy did do tests for me to prove that it is really that good. I felt that it is even better than the ones I get from L'Occitane. So I was tempted, and I gave in to temptations.

Someone lock me at home please, so that I will never be tempted by random sales assistants anymore ): this month, I have alr spent $130 on a new phone screen and now this ._.