Happy Birthday LZY + Istana + iLight Marina Bay

Finally we got to enter the Istana and look at the Istana building itself. It honestly wasn't as grand as I was expecting it to be though /:
It's a vast area with greenery enough to play golf but the house didn't take up much space.

During the Istana Garden Party in Feb, our duties were at the security screening counters in either Plaza Sing or NLB. So this time, before we agreed to the event, we made Alex promise us that we would get to enter the Istana. We went there and ended up doing security screening again anw.

But at least we got to enjoy the party from the side as well! It was good music and good food even though we sat out of the fun (:

We were provided dinner but were tempted by the 豆花 + 枸杞 and it was an unusual but yummy combo!
I'm not sure where they got the caterers from, but if I find out, that'll be my new favourite 豆花 place :3

It was Ziyi's birthday the day before, so me and yx headed to Pandora to get her a birthday gift before we went to Istana;

After the event ended we headed to iLight Marina Bay because yx wanted to go. He's going on a two month cruise on an army vessel next Monday, so he can't go down anymore. I'm still going down on 29 Mar for the Earth Hour party, so I wasn't too hard up to go.

We didn't make it for the free tour cos we were a little too late, but we toured ourselves around Route A, and took loads of pics! :D

All the iLight photos with credits to Jordon, cos yx hasn't uploaded his share of the photos yet. Not only do they take long to upload, they take long to be taken too. To take photo of the skyline, yx had to set up his camera + tripod + set the shutter speed to slow. So we ended up talking about the River Safari and idk what else and we even said that we could continue the tour without yx alr. That's how slow it was /:

With two essays due this week, I think I will really be short of sleep. But I'm really looking forwards to the upcoming outings I get after I survive this ordeal! Next week I'll be going with Sijia to Escape Artist + a movie, all using free passes ^_^ then the weekend after will be 2 Degree Ice Art + Earth Hour with Crystal and Ben. I just need to find someone to go with me to Yiruma concert to complete a three week combo.