Maki-san + Escape Artist

Yet another happy day out with Sijia! ^_^ we were actually supposed to go to Escape Artist on Monday together with the movie for our all-vouchers outing, but Sijia forgot to bring her coupon so we changed it to today instead.

Sijia wanted to eat at Maki-san for lunch and it was a really good recommendation! :D
The place is so prettily coloured!

We had to select our ingredients to build our own maki, just like building a customised salad in Cedele;

This is my order;
See the pretty box? And it's so cool I get to put edamame beans and asparagus together. And the yuzu vinegar dressing got a just enough taste of 醋 (: They are also very generous! There isn't more rice than anything else. My lunch for less than $10 woohoo \(^_^)/

This week has been quite budget. On Monday the movie me and sijia caught with two sets of food was only $4 altogether. Yesterday's lunch with a bowl of soba and a bowl of don cost $10 altogether. And yes, I ate both. Today's Escape Artist was free and the customised maki was $9.90 for the mega size one hehe x:

It doesn't look normal right? Cos she used brown rice and hers is a beancurd skin which was so soft it broke when I picked it up with my chopsticks ._. but sijia managed to eat in peace cos she stuffed the whole thing into her mouth, not giving it a chance to break. I liked it that she added tempura mushrooms, so that it was crunchy when I bit into it. She used wasabi sauce which burned my mouth. One slice was alright, but I wouldn't fancy eating more than that.

We bought our lunch to-go and walked to Escape Artist while eating. It's a Singapore thing. We are the fastest walkers on Earth, and we are also the best multitaskers. When I was in France, they told me it's amazing how I manage to eat and drink and walk all at the same time. For them, eating is a sit-down activity. Someone almost choked chasing after me while chewing. But for us, to have to eat every meal while seated probably means we'll all be late for lectures / work / every possible appointment.

At Escape Artist we got this dark dark room that was really dark. We had to use a small torch and it was so difficult to see each other. The worst thing was that they put Halloween props all over. We weren't expecting it, so we got a terrible shock when we opened the door to the 13.5th floor and saw a disgusting head lying there. After that, we opened all the other doors very carefully. But it was fun! And sijia is highly talented at solving clues. But we still died at the last stage, cos we didn't realise we were supposed to use all 26 letters of the alphabet, and not just the first 6. So conclusion is, I have been to Escape Artist twice, but never escaped ):

After that, we had ice-cream at Mr Bean while talking about sijia's ADM submission.