Remembering KAP

Singapore's changing too quickly. Over the span of my memory, I have seen an empty grass patch turn into the Esplanade, another grass patch turn into Ion, the old National Library closed down, the railroad changed stations and now the first ever McDonald's opened in Singapore is about to shut down as well. It's last day of operations is Sunday 16 March, 2359.

Each time major changes like these happen, those who hold on to such collective memories will want to remember the place. All of us will want to gather there for the last time, to relive the fun that used to be when we were young;

the building

the most crowded i have seen of KAP Macs. guess everyone is here to experience it one last time ._.

our meal

remembering the characters of our childhood

Maybe that's why Singaporeans aren't as nationalistic or cohesive as others. Because there exist no inter-generational memories. Nothing to share, nothing that will get people of great diversity to start talking. It's just a difference of five years, but the yesteryears of mine do not even coincide with that of my sisters'. I know Iluma, but they call it Bugis+. Even our lingo is different. And my youngest sister doesn't even know that a grass patch used to exist where Ion is now situated.

It's different in the rest of the world though. Everyone in a certain town would probably have spent their collage days in a 300 years old restaurant down the street, eating the same food prepared by the same family. It's a shared memory of everyone who has been through that age phase, regardless of their current age. We don't even have such an old restaurant in Singapore. Even if we did, the place probably had gone through many rounds of renovation, so that the place the older folks talk about will be different from that of the younger ones.

What inter-generational heritage and commonalities do we have left to speak of? Are we progressing too fast and forgetting our roots? Or maybe we are uprooting ourselves by destroying all that we inherited from our history. I don't mean to be so touchy nor appear as if I am thinking too much, but I guess it comes from revisiting my past, and knowing that this will be the last time I can do so physically )':