Tour the Singapore River

The day begin with lunch at Saybons;
For the first time, I ordered one of the sweet crêpes and not the savoury ones. It was called {apple delight} and it was really quite delightful! Apples and cinnamon never go wrong. I just didn't like the almond nuts. I know it's supposed to add a crunch into the mushy fillings, but it didn't work for me ._.

Then for the first time again, I travelled on the downtown line. It was alr opened before Chingay, but for all the times I have travelled to Promenade, I actually never took the downtown line. It has the tv that is available on the purple line, but this time I can actually hear it saying something, and not just watching meaningless movements on screen. I think it's cos there are very little people taking the train now with only a few stops open, but the sound will be drowned out with more people on board. The signs for the reserved seats are cuter and brighter, and I liked them. But the patterned seats were just trying too hard. They honestly look quite ugly. If I ever decide not to take the downtown line, it's because I want to protect my eyes o.o

When I met Crystal, we began our day at the 2degree Ice Art Exhibition;
The place gives free gloves! It's great cos I didn't bring my gloves. I brought my own coat though cos I didn't want to wear something that everyone else had worn before, even though renting a coat costs only $5 to save me the trouble of lugging mine around. I was shivering, but it honestly wasn't that cold. I mean, not after I have experienced -20°C. But it wasn't that big either. It somehow seemed to me like a very big place from all those photos people have been uploading, but it was disappointingly small. Also, I understand this may be because we have no way of creating mega blocks of ice, but the ice used to create these sculptures had very obvious break lines between each block. It would have looked better if each sculpture was carved out of singular blocks of ice. And the ice had a smell of chemicals. Like something used to preserve them and slow down the rate of melting. But the staff said there were no chemicals. We felt doubtful though.

Then we went to the Ice Bar for some alcohol;
This is the exhibition's signature cocktail. I seriously need some discipline, drinking alcohol under the bright midday sun is going way overboard O: It's not bad though, and it comes in a cup made of ice too! The only problem was that the last few mouths of my drink turned into ice because of the cold cup so I never got to finish it. There was also an area especially for smashing the ice cup after drinking.

This is me attempting to smash my cup;
Except that the ice cup was wet and slippery and slid out of my hand while I was attempting to throw it so it didn't break, but landed nicely on the ground =.=

The second activity was to ride the river cruise. It was a really beautiful ride, a new perspective of the Singapore River and the life along it;
On the river cruise, we met this group of nice English. We talked to them the whole ride, and they asked us about this and that and they told us about their adventures in Asia. They cruised from HK into Singapore, with a pit stop in Vietnam. Wow. Just wow. They have one more day to go in sg, and I sincerely hope they enjoy(ed) their stay! :D

Another wonderful thing about the cruise was that we got to try out both kinds of boats, the traditional junkie and the new stylish one, because they needed to transfer us over to another boat to carpool halfway through our ride. I preferred the junk boat because it was less stuffy and because it had an explanation text accompanying the ride.

Since we were on a tour, we decided that we had to do the most touristy thing to do in sg;
Please don't judge. There were hundreds upon thousands of tourists gathered on the Merlion Park platform just doing that. We just, well, joined in the fun. But it was really crowded. So many people were eyeing that one perfect spot, it was a tough manoeuvre of courtesy and impatience all at once.

We met Ben after that, and then walked far and wide because apparently I gave the wrong directions and I was under the misconception that Earth Hour was at the Promontory and MBS. Ben finally decided to stop trusting me and we successfully made it to the Float. Just as we were entering the performance area, we saw Andrew Garfield! He was probably like just three humans away from me, but everyone was fighting for a selfie with him, so I just got pushed around. Ben managed to help me get a video of him for Christine though.

I feel so sad cos these candles were fakes ):

Earth Hour this year isn't as great as I remembered it to be. The lights of the buildings in the CBD did go off, but it was not as magnificent as in the past, when there was greater participation by the buildings, such that the whole place would go dark.

I find it really ironic that iLight is a festival which is in collaboration with Earth Hour. Because to switch off the lights for one hour on the last Saturday of March, we end up switching on the lights for the light art installations for an entire month! Is that really environmentally friendly?