Absurd People

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the hardest job kids face today is learning good manners without seeing any
- fred astaire

The other day, I had bought lunch at AMK Hub and was walking towards the bus interchange when I was stopped by someone asking for donations. I opened my wallet, all ready to part with all my coins. But the person actually said {sorry, we don't accept coins, notes only}. So I opened the notes compartment to find that I only had $10 and $50 notes, so I said {sorry, I don't think I'm donating}. If I had $2 or $5 I would have given it, but I wouldn't give away an entire day's lunch money. I can be generous, but I've got to feed myself first. I kind of felt apologetic cos I'm usually one to give, then after that I realised I didn't need to be. He was the one who said no to $3+ worth of coins, so serves him right for getting nothing back. Beggars can't be choosers, y'know.

Isn't it just ridiculous that charity organisations say no to coins? That's just giving the rich people a chance to look philanthropic while telling the poor people that their contributions are so measly they don't matter. What happened to encouraging everyone to give back to society? What happened to every thought counts? The percentage of $10 out of the income of rich person may not even match up to the percentage of $1 in the income of a guy trying to get by, so who are we to reject them if the choose to give?


In general, I answer all phone calls and return them if I missed it, regardless if it was a call from a friend or a call from some other random / unknown number. Usually if it is a sales pitch, I will politely decline and wait for them to say their thank yous and {sorry for disturbing} before I hang up. And if it was a survey, I will go through the whole thing. My phone number is one of those super responsive to telephone surveys, for those in need of finding a scapegoat.

Recently, I did a telephone survey and they had called me back two days ago to offer a gift in exchange for my time. I was studying in one of those quiet rooms in school while waiting for the exam to begin, but I still picked up the phone at the expense of all the other people in the room studying. And then I heard the gift was some voucher that I would end up spending more money than the value of the voucher if I wanted to use it. I really have no need for that, and I wouldn't give it to anyone else cos no one else is going to use it anw. So I said {没关系, 不用麻烦了}. Instead of receiving from the other end a polite {好的. 谢谢. 拜拜}, which I would then respond to it by saying {谢谢. 拜拜}, she hung up the phone on me the moment she heard {不用麻烦了}. Is that how telemarketers are supposed to behave?! No wonder people hang up on them, so as not to lose their dignity by getting hung up upon by someone asking them for help. 如果你不屑我帮忙, 干嘛还打给我? 你不知道有求于人就要尊敬、要礼貌吗? 不知道被拒绝是人间常事吗?


I know Singaporeans have high IQ and AQ, as proven by the multitude of stats and papers praising our education system and our creativity, the latest one being how our students ranked first among all other nations in problem-solving skills. But isn't EQ equally impt? Or even the most impt? There is also another multitude of research showing how IQ and AQ with no EQ leads a person nowhere in life. Those who emphasise too much on studies suffer from selective observation, they only see the importance of IQ and AQ, and miss out on EQ.

All my life, I was taught that if I want help from others, I need to be polite, I need to try to make it as little trouble for them and I need to be appreciative. People are seriously slowly losing their basic mannerisms. Maybe they need to go back to kindergarten and relearn their socialising process.