Eat Play Love Café

I was wearing this under my jacket;
I should have pulled my shirt properly ._. main point is, don't 小看 my jacket! I was wearing only a spaghetti top underneath, but it was good enough to keep me warm throughout my 3hrs+ in  NLB  the arctic!

This is the last fun thing I'm doing until I come out of hiatus after Finals end. I wanted to say no to going out today, but because Ben's flying off to China for a project until August, and he really wanted a meal together, and they even brought forward the farewell date to match my schedule, how could I say no?

I decided to go to Eat Play Love because Crystal said she had something to do in bugis, but turns out she skipped it, so we actually didn't have to go that far, especially with her thigh in a bad shape, and her limping throughout the walk to the place. If she had told me earlier that she hurt her thigh and that we didn't have to go to bugis, I probably would have chosen a much more accessible place. But it was pretty convenient to get there after a whole day of study at NLB, so that's a plus for me (:

The place was super pretty!

The menu;
The colour scheme of the menu matches the colour of the tables! So cute right! :D

It was a pity that I had just changed my braces' wire in the daytime so my teeth hurt quite bad when chewing that I couldn't really get to enjoy my food properly ): I didn't finish my food nor help myself to the platter of chicken wings, onion rings, spring rolls and fries.

The fun part about the Eat Play Love Café is supposed to be the craft items which we didn't do. There was designing monkeys, bags, keychains etc;

I actually wanted to design my own monster;
this is a sample of a finished monster

But then I thought of my {Doudous monstres!} and then I decided that I shouldn't spend $15 to buy a empty monster toy and some buttons and some ribbons and some felt to create my own monster cutie yet. Only when my doudous fails then should I get a pre-made and fail-proof one to comfort myself. Problem is, I can't even decide when to begin working on my doudous. I know the answer is {after exams}, but as usual, I keep saying I'll do so many things after exams I end up more busy after exams than before exams, and I can never seem to complete all the things on my to-do list by the beginning of the next school term. Then it'll become an activity for the next {after exams} period. I'll see how long I can procrastinate until I get irritated enough that it becomes an {after exams} priority. I'll get down to doing it then.

To end off, here are pictures of two childish people, one trying to spray the other with chilli sauce, and the other trying to use the root beer bottle to knock the other out;
Luckily, I'm mature enough to keep out of this ^_^