Free Cone Day + Free Iced Tea Day

Once a year Eat-B&J's-Day is here again. I don't exactly fancy B&J's, so I don't eat it usually. My fridge only has magnum ice-cream or mars ice-cream. If I eat ice-cream out, it's usually at macs or Häagen Dazs. But I haven't missed a FCD since 2008.

Every year, my parents say the same thing to me. Why do I have to queue up under the hot sun when for just a few more dollars, I can sit down and enjoy my ice-cream properly. The answer is because I wouldn't pay to eat B&J's haha. I would rather sweat it out than take that few dollars out of my pocket for a so-so ice-cream.

This year, FCD was limited only to four outlets, not including Cathay O: and there was FCD happening in NUS which I was totally clueless about T___T I really should learn more about my school. For someone about to finish my first year, I am still as clueless as ever to what is happening around me.

Luckily, I did not have to travel far because one of the outlets which was having FCD was the one at VivoCity. I went with sijia to FCD, and we only planned like at 11am to meet at 3pm. We have great impromptu planning skills haha. Over there, we met Amanda, Swee Yee and Eli. Amanda was there because she pon school again! GRRR >.<

The queue was insanely long, probably the longest I've encountered so far. It's most likely because there were only four outlets offering FCD this year. And also because it's after-school hours for the kids. But the queue moved unexpectedly quickly. We got our ice-cream in about 30mins both rounds. Yep, I wouldn't settle for one round only XP the queue ran from the outdoor area facing Sentosa to inside the store, so for the most part the scenery was of my favourite place ❤️

I remember they gave out paper fans so that people could fan themselves while queuing one year. This year, they gave out stickers to represent the number of FCD attendances;

Me and sijia took two each stickers each hehe;
my stickers

I actually pasted my first sticker on today's date, 8th April. But then when I got the second sticker I didn't know what to do so I messed up my calendar by pasting it on a random spot. And neither sticker accurately represented the number of times I have been to FCD ._.

We didn't get to photo booth D: I actually really wanted to take photos with the props as keepsakes /:

After the ice-cream, sijia wanted to wash the aftertaste out of her mouth, so we went to CBTL to buy tea. Idk what happened, but in the end they served us two cups of tea when sijia actually only ordered and paid for one o.o so I took the complimentary one as a compliment :D