Heading Towards End of Y1

It's been a hectic two days. So after my well-deserved time-off tmr morn + a little bit of the aftnn, I do suppose I have to begin my journey towards the finals.

Final exams are such irritating things because I usually do well during the continual assessments, but finals will just screw up everything. I think if there were no finals I'd probably get at least A or A- for every single subject. I love class participation and papers that I get to write over a long period of time.


Yesterday morn I was up by 5am, getting ready to go to Indonesia for Ryca Indonesia's new outlet opening party. It wasn't so much of a party as a gathering though. The first flight of the day was at 7.40am. We were one of those weird people on board who seemed too overdressed just for a plane ride, what with the pretty clothes and makeup and all. By 7.10pm, we were on our flight home.

The only two people I told that I was leaving the country was sijia and jiayu. All other people who knew, only got to know after I came back. But sijia still called me while I was in Jakarta anw ._.

The new outlet;

I really liked the green bean paste + coconut milk thingy they served during the opening.


Today was the last day of school for the sem, not counting exam days. Idk how, but I must have been so lucky to have managed to select all the modules which end in Week 12! Then I end up in school for one hour on the last week of sem T___T luckily it's on the first day of the week. Imagine if it were one hour on thurs. I'd probably kill myself then. Or maybe I would just pon school since suicide isn't such a good idea.

To celebrate the end of sem, I went to the dbox with sijia. The dbox is supposed to be a 4D theatre with extra effects. There are currently only two films in the dbox, either Captain America or Noah. I just wanted to experience the dbox, so it didn't make a difference to me which show we were watching. Not like I actually have a liking towards either one anw. Sijia said she preferred Captain America so we watched that. I would have picked Capt America too, cos the previews and advertisements for Noah were so dark and disturbing.

It's $10 for students, and it was not worth the extra $3. It's quite a bummer that we had to share the theatre with the normal tix, and it's only the last two rows which had 4D effects, if there was even any. It was more like watching a normal film while sitting on a very mild massage chair that vibrated for two hours.

Apparently sijia says I was supposed to watch the first part of Capt America before I watched this, but whatever. I still liked how he saved the world in the end. Technically I like every show that has a happy ending or the world was saved without the hero dying.


Anw, I recently learnt that besides food and household needs, NTUC actually sells hair accessories as well O: I wonder where I've actually been doing my groceries at for the past 19 years.

I usually carry bobby pins in my wallet, and they are there permanently to save me from times that I need to put up my fringe or bun my hair up or something. I keep bobby pins rather than hairties cos they are on a card, so it is easier to carry in the wallet. And also because they are much more versatile than a hairtie.

So there was once that I needed to put up my fringe and started to take the pins out of my wallet. And then next to me my friend exclaimed {Kellie I know you use everything branded but even your pins are branded?!} I don't actually think H&M is a branded cos the material ain't great and it's designed for the masses. But anw, I responded by saying {oh! no la it's not expensive, $2.90 only}. I honestly believed that she thought it was expensive because of the other overpriced hair accessories at H&M. Then she explained that NTUC sells them with twice the number of pins at $1+ a packet.

I wasn't really buying it because to me, NTUC is not a place to buy hair stuff. But that day while we were doing our groceries, I went to check it out and turns out she was right O.O there were even these coloured little plastic hairties that sold in packets of I think a hundred each at less than $2!

I looked at the pins and decided not to buy them anw. Obviously cos I alr had an entire strip in my wallet. But also because $1+ for so many kind of implies to me that the black coating would probably start flaking off on my head. And also cos the pins didn't have rounded ends. They were all straight cuts which would poke / scratch my scalp when putting them on. But this is a good idea for where to buy pins and hairties for attire check during events. So that I don't have to keep giving away mine. I think I gave away like $7-8 worth of hair accessories across the multiple events alr, when i could have kept them for myself and spent only $2+ giving away those from NTUC instead.


I absolutely hate how my bag is a perpetual flood zone. Almost three times a week I'll draw out things from my bag to find it dripping. I've used the school tables a couple of times as a public display of my bag contents while desperately trying to dry my stuff before the next lesson.

The worst thing is, it has nothing to do with my waterbottle. If it did, I would gladly just change it and solve my problem. The actual problem is that I don't remember to close the opening after drinking water. It's partly the bottle's problem too, since it isn't quite clear when it is opened and when it is closed. I have to look carefully to find out. Also, I love to lie my bag on my lap when travelling in the train or bus, which just means that all the water will spill out with an opened mouth .___.