Operation Stalk Sijia 成功!

It truly is a Good Friday today (: me and Wu Ai have been planning this for almost two mths now and we finally made it! We went to Shin Kushiya at vivo (that's the restaurant sijia is working at) for a meal to surprise her! :D

We originally planned to go on Monday, but sadly sijia wasn't working on Monday so we changed it today, under the pretext that I was going to get my umbrella from her, which I really did get.

After we were done with our own pictures, Wu Ai started to prepare the camera for any angle that sijia may possibly turn her head over. Totally stalkerish omg.

We placed our orders and sijia still hadn't noticed us yet. So Wu Ai waved and sijia got a shock ö that means our surprise was a success yayee \(^_^)/ After our meal sijia also texted to thank us for the surprise and to let us know that it was very successful. Double yayee \(^_^)/

From then on, sijia was extremely helpful towards us, she topped up our waters and served one of my dishes;
She even helped us with our bill. So we tipped her slightly more than 5%. Good service usually gets rewarded 15% by me, but since 10% is alr in the service charge, I usually top up in cash only the other 5%.

This is my food;
The cold udon was quite springy, but I didn't like the duck sauce. Although sijia says she likes this one best, I think it would have been safer to stick to the normal soy sauce. I still can't forget the taste of the white sauce soba I had in Tokyo. It was awesome. No other soba sauce can ever compare with that. That soba sauce is probably one of the big reasons I need to visit Japan again. Of course the other bigger reason is jm ♥

The skewer was asparagus wrapped in beef. The lemon made a stunning difference. I loved it better when I squeezed the lemon on. Partly because I like strong tastes, and also because of the zesty feel the lemon brings out with it. Talking about the skewer is making me hungry. I feel like I should go back there to eat a platter of skewers right now omg. It's really good.

It's been such a long time since I last met Wu Ai. I mean, I did bump into her in school, but we never really got time to sit down and chat and catch up. It's pathetic as compared to when we used to eat dinner out together at least once a week in the months before As, or when we lived with each other for 10days in tw. We were young and carefree back then. Now it's so difficult to meet because we all live our lives. I guess meet ups are in place just to let us know that the people we care about are living their lives to the fullest, and that's all that matters (':

Wu Ai, I'm really happy for you. 祝福你哦~