Crazy Rich Asians

I finally finished reading {Crazy Rich Asians} a couple of days back. I started reading it a few days before Sem 2 began, then I got caught up with readings, and then ditched the book until after finals. Now that I'm done with this book, it will belong on my shelf of alr read books and be forever forgotten.

I initially picked up this book because I'm a bimbo and I was drawn to it's bling cover. Then I read the back cover summary and decided that I had to have a book written about the glory of Singaporean assets. I mean, we are the richest people now, so who can be more crazy rich than us right.

I generally like books that I can relate to, so that immediately excludes action-packed novels that exist in a fictitious world. For example, Twilight and Star Wars and Harry Potter. {Crazy Rich Asians} took their settings from NY, Paris, Shenzhen and most of the book was situated in Singapore \(^_^)/

I could totally imagine those Singaporeans arguing about which hawker serves the best satay and all that, and I could imagine people who wear nothing but haute couture, and I can imagine Sentosa Cove and Cairnhill Residences. But Tyersall Park sounded a little too far-fetched. I have only ever lived in those kind of gigantic houses when I am overseas, but I don't think Singapore actually has the land enough for it. It was also easy to picture the chic streets of Paris. And I find this amazing, but I actually know the café in NY that was mentioned in the book! I have not eaten there, but it rings a bell, like I walked past it before or something. It must be pretty conspicuous, judging that I don't know NY that well. Or maybe I'm just imagining things because I can't really remember the names of places very well, and probably the café in the book and the café in the streets just happened to have similar names. The backstreet business that run in HK and Shenzhen were also relatable cos I've seen them on tv.

And then there are those super rich people who are always fighting to claim themselves the poorest people. I find these people weird, cos while they claim their poverty, they are donned in haute couture from top-to-toe. I may be short-sighted, but I'm not blind, you know.

There are also those people who cannot tell the expensive stuff from the cheap, and don't recognise a €20,000 Chanel bag from a €2,000 one. In the book, it was made super explicit that those people are the nouveau riche. I was laughing, cos it's true, but it wasn't necessary to expose them like that. Something I realised about the nouveau riche is that they love to strut their brands around. So when they go to LV, they will choose this €990 bag;

But the old money prefer the classic look, and they couldn't care less if you can't tell what brand their bags are from. When in LV, they are the ones who go for this €13,300 bag;
I chose pink for this pic, but they probably will go for the more classic leather colours like black or brown.

In case you didn't know, both the above bags are LV Alma. But one is canvas, and the other is crocodile leather. And of course, one has the ability of showing off that it is an LV even without scrutiny thanks to its highly prominent Monogram design, while the other is a bit more hard to tell. Prices are taken off, the french website.

Anw it was a really fun story, and there was no real villain because everyone was just doing things the way they understood the world to be. It is just that sometimes, the rich people and the normal people don't seem to see the world in the same way, and then there are misunderstandings ): but that's okay, cos that's where the story comes from. If not, there'd be no story anymore.