End of Year 1 + Department of Caffeine + Chinatown

HELLO, SUMMER! :D omg it's finally my turn to say that I've survived finals, and I've survived the first year of my university education! ^___^ trust me, it was not at all fun being the last to end, because all over social media I have to put up with people posting all about how their summer break has begun and how I'm like the last few left wallowing in misery. Hj even admitted that she had purposely asked me when do I end when she ended, not because she did not know, but because she just had to rub it in after so many people had rubbed it in for her =.= So next sem, I will make an effort to choose mods that end early.

Hj was telling me about how mods that end late have an added advantage of more study time. But having been through A-levels and then finals, I can be assured that the added time makes not much of a difference, especially when it's down to the last paper and there is no longer any study mood left to study. I was quite lucky that between my second last paper and my last paper there was only a two-day gap, so I could still keep up the study mood. But for Jie Yu who had her second last paper on Monday and her last paper today, there was an obvious drop in motivation.

After my paper, I went to meet hj for lunch at Department of Caffeine to spend the voucher we forgot to use the last time when the clique was there eating the honey lavender cake during our cafe-hopping. Amanda overslept, so we decided that besides Adventure Cove, our other itinerary for Monday is to scold amanda. Amanda really deserves to be scolded for her really bad habit of ditching people. Just Monday she said 18 May was a good day for flea, and today she says she has something on that day. GRRR >.<

Anw, DOC was crowded as usual, and so we put our names on the waiting list while we went to walk around. I saw on Sugar that we were about 50m away from cake that cost $1, so I treated hj to cake. It was a treat for myself too actually, since I was spending the free $15 that was given when I signed up for an account. I bought the cake and claimed it within 3mins. How efficient (: The lady at DOC said we had to wait about 20-40mins, but the moment we picked up the cake, the phone rang. So I asked to have the cake taken away, and guess what! The T&C that said {no take-aways} was a lie. I think they just put it as a standard label, and no one really cares about it. 

At DOC, we ordered one main dish, one cake and a drink, since we alr had one free cake from Flor Patisserie. It was a good size for a meal too, since hj would never finish one main dish by herself. 

Elderflower lemonade + chocolate cake;
The drink tasted like italian soda with ginger. But the main point is the cake. It was warm and soft and it tasted like the cake sponge had just been dipped into molten lava chocolate. Wet, but not dripping wet. It was really good, because sometimes, molten lava cake tastes overly soggy. But this one contained no melted chocolate, so it was really just the deep, rich chocolate and cake. And we took the first slice of the cake! ^_^ omg I love cheap thrills like this haha.

Chicken breast;
The most expensive thing on the menu, but because it wrote {SPECIAL}, we decided to give it a go. And it was a good choice, because look at that cheese oozing out of it when cut open O:

We attempted to eat our take-away cake in the cafe, and the guy told us no outside food and drinks were allowed, so hj concludes that it was a bad experience. Seriously hj =.= obviously it's our fault for even trying to eat the cake there right.

After lunch we went to the Buddha Tooth Relic Temple;
We were there to see Buddha's tooth, but it kind of seems like we are super paranoid, going to pray immediately after exams. This is truly the epitome of 临时抱佛脚.

The tooth was encased in a glass room surrounded by gold statues and temples, and I could not spot it at all. It's just like going to see Mona Lisa, closed up and small and far away. The only difference is that you can actually see Mona Lisa, but trying to spot the tooth is just like looking for a needle in the haystack, with all that bling surrounding it.

Then we walked around the temple's museum and bathed the Buddha statue before leaving for Far East Square. By that time I was already half-dead. I had woken up at 5.30am, after just 5hrs of sleep before a killer paper that sapped me dry. But since we were alr in the area, I wanted to go take photo with the legendary gate;
We had to take the photo with me inside multiple times, because hj's such a bad photographer. This is alr the best photo. Make do. Hj was asking me if I'm a tourist, walking so far just to take photo with a gate. But that's just me isn't it?

Far East Square is an area of restored shop houses, now bars and restaurants. It's almost the Chinatown equivalent of Clarke Quay Riverside, so there was nothing much to see in the daytime. I took a few pictures;

Then I died, so we ended our day there. I was literally a walking zombie on the way home. Even though I was unable to fully enjoy the beauty of Far East Square because I was stoning, I'm still glad that it was a fulfilling first day of summer (:

Here's to a wonderful summer ahead!