Flea at *SCAPE

I WAS JUST SITTING ON THE CHAIR THE WHOLE DAY I FORGOT TO TAKE PICTURES D: me and amanda did selfie for a polaroid print though, which we could not find in the stack of photos anw /: but still, I think the whole concept of Social Playground is really fun and cool! Next time I have an event, and have the budget, I'll be sure to invite them ^___^

After all that asking people to come help out, in the end only amanda came to help me have a flea. THANK YOU AMANDA I LOVE YOU ♥ she stayed with me all the way until 7+pm, even though she had planned to leave at 3pm, cos I didn't let her go haha. But anw she kept walking around the flea, looking at other people's stores and even bought a new phone protector and sticker. No matter how much she was slacking away, it was still good to have her around while I went to buy lunch and go visit the toilet. And also, she totally sounded like a tape recorder. She said the same thing over and over without even looking up from her phone. I don't know if she did even notice that no one was paying attention to her.

We were supposed to be selling Modify Watches, but after we spend all that time explaining what it is about, and then I say {it's $50 per set}, people's faces totally change and they just walk away =.= I was expecting it anw. No one in the right mind goes to a flea to spend $50 on a single item. So I didn't bring a lot, but rather brought an entire box of namecards to give away as an awareness campaign. I think we were like two crazy people who booked an entire booth just to give away free namecards and expecting zero sales. Although I have to admit that part of the problem was that we were super slack, and not proactive at all. We just sat on the chairs and expected people to come to us haha. It's a miracle we even managed to give away half a box of namecards from doing nothing. I hope after giving out so many cards the website stats will hit a sudden high. Also, me and amanda had better work harder during this thurs if we even want to be able to make commission.

Anw for those people who were kind of interested but decided to go home to think about it, too bad. That was the only flea I was planning to have, and from now on it will be back to the normal online price of $60 per set.

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