Happy Birthday Jiamin!

This may sound weird, but we actually celebrated jm's birthday without her. My mom says we are just finding excuses to go out, which I probably don't deny haha. It's also eu jin's birthday today, so here's wishing him a happy birthday! :D

We were supposed to go to Adventure Cove today, but amanda was being a burden as usual, and we had to change our itinerary to River Safari instead. It was good too, since none of us had been to the River Safari, except Christine who wasn't joining us anw.

Just Friday amanda had boasted to us that she would be a changed person today. No prizes for guessing who was the last again T___T Worst thing was that she didn't bother to pick up her phone at all, so after all that fruitless spam calling, I was worried she had not even woke up 15mins prior to our meeting time. I don't want to go out with her anymore le. Not only is she always the last to arrive, while we were reminiscing the old times today, she can't seem to remember anything at all! She couldn't remember the heavenly honey lavender cake we had during our cafe-hopping trip, she couldn't remember we went to the zoo last year, and she couldn't remember we walked the entire sentosa for free before. What a waste of money to go out with her if she won't remember anything D:

this was me trying to look like I got a shock from the attacking croc, while amanda was just not listening to me to do the shocked face =.=

When we had finally made it to the River Safari it was past 11am. It was raining, but it was a good thing that the entire route of the River Safari is sheltered. There was no need for the sunblock hj brought for us. Not only was it fully sheltered, but many of the more important exhibits are actually air-conditioned, like Kai Kai and Jia Jia, and amanda's favourite manatee aquarium. The route around the park is also very well structured, such that we had to walk by every single exhibit. This is quite unlike the zoo, where we had to keep looking at the map, make detours and walk in circles just to see all the animals available.

First major stop;
When we were looking at some small fishes kept in small tanks, hj commented on how their life is so sad cos their world is so tiny. I said {no what, their world keeps changing, look at the number of different people who walk by everyday}.

The next place we visited was the panda house;

It has been proven that amanda has no fate with pandas. Everytime I ask her to pose for a pic with any panda at all, regardless the red panda or Jia Jia, the panda will walk away without fail. When hj poses, the panda walks towards the camera. So amanda ended up with this;

While hj got this;
This is 名副其实的天渊之别 omg.

Right at the end of the panda walkway is a shop and restaurant;

River Safari really knows how to do business, and we fell for it. I bought the photo we took at the entrance of the walkway, which was obviously heavily photoshopped to include us with the pandas in some bamboo forest that exists only in Sichuan. River Safari does not in any way resemble that photo at all. We also bought jm a birthday gift of cute slippers and a postcard and the cute tote bag came free (:

Then we had lunch of wanton mee which the soup hj says tastes like {白开水加葱}, and she actually likes it a lot ._. and the Giant Panda pau with chocolate fillings and a nice pudding.

After that the rain stopped, and we got to take the boat ride :D
The boat ride had small downward-sloping portions, but was generally peaceful, just like the boat ride in USS Jurassic Park, except without the getting wet.

Then the final major stop for the place, the manatee tank;

We were there to look at such grand creatures and yet there were two crazy people who were much more interested in the person cleaning the tank and debating whether he was angmoh =.=

And cos the place was so dark, silhouette photos were pretty (:

After that we exited the River Safari and slacked around the entrance of the zoo til we finally made up our minds to go back to Bora Bora for dinner;
The last time we were there was exactly one year ago during jm's birthday. And we continued the legacy for her even though she couldn't join us tonight.

Sadly, the place did not help us continue the legacy by changing the menu. The pizzas and our favourite drinks still remained the same, but the set meals were different. There was no longer a combo that has pizza and smoothies together ): so we had to order everything a la carte.

Final activity for the evening was to take the tram one round around the beach. We made a pit stop halfway so that hj and amanda could play in the water cos they were both wearing similar sandals from aussie;

And I was wearing shoes, so I stood on the bridge helping them take fail jump shots;

We also oovoo-ed jm to sing her a birthday song and tell her that we rented the entire beach for her, together with 3 security guards haha. At least this time it wasn't as crowded as Ikea. In fact, we really had the beach to ourselves because it was getting late and everyone else was headed to the beach bars. The 3 security guards were really security guards haha. But connection was bad and so we hung up in less than 5mins /:

I am so proud of myself that I am finally done with this (': I hardly ever photoshop my photos, the watermark is like the furthest I'll go. Even if I do photoshop them, it'll be like a post-blogging activity, so everything that goes online is usually 100% raw unless otherwise stated. But today, I edited every single one of the photos on this post. I almost died omg. From a supposed 52 photos that were supposed to come on, I have gotten lazier and lazier with every edit and so please view the rest of the unedited photos (including the raw versions of the above photos) on fb.

Have fun in Germany hj! We will have more fun when you're back!