Holland Village + Craft Bakery & Café

After driving lesson today, I went down to Holland Village determined to look for the windmill, because I know I've seen it before, but somehow I haven't been able to find it again.

Apparently, when I look hard enough for it, it didn't even take me 5mins after exiting the train station to see it. It is at a highly conspicuous place, such that all that needs to be done is to stop looking at what shops there are around and lift up my head and there it is! So I have walked past it so many times but I haven't actually seen it because I was too fixated on which café we are going to try next, and how we are going to get there. All I look at are road signs, shop numbers and the google maps on my phone.

So since my main activity did not last more than 10mins, I decided to create another main activity. Coincidentally, christine texted, and reminded me about the Sugar app. So I bought myself some food in the vicinity and walked over;
This here, is a waffle sandwich. Using waffles to replace bread, this is one exotic food with a maple syrup and mustard mix. Besides the bacon, the vegetables were pretty exotic too. There were lettuce, carrots and apples strips. But somehow it was a not-too-bad combination, and it was made all the better because I only paid $3.50 for it heh.

The tea was more expensive, $5.50 before GST and service charge, and was not very worth it. The biggest reason that it was bad was my mistake to order it iced. Artisan teas should never be drank cold. It always tastes weird. I wonder why I never learn. Time after time I remind myself never to spoil a tea by drinking it cold, and time after time I order iced tea =.=

That's the end of today's adventures (: