In Loving Memory of the Colourful Blogskin

Those who visited after 10pm last night should have alr noticed that there is a new blogskin! ^_^ but I was still working on the touch-ups so there may have been some glitches throughout its installation. The old colourful one has alr been around for 1.5 years, since 7 Dec 2012, so I thought this summer would have been a good time to do something about it.

The old skin was themed around pastel colours, and was supposed to be as colourful as possible. Everything was a different colour, which makes this new skin really different because I decided to grow up from youthful to chic. Sijia says she likes the new skin better cos she likes greyscale colours.

So anw, some new features of this skin;
1. Letterings are no longer fun-loving, but more minimalist. Same goes for the social media icons. If you bother to zoom in, you'll probably notice that I screwed up drawing the mail icon, but I didn't bother to perfect it cos when it becomes so tiny, the little pixels don't matter anymore.

2. Instead of showing the entire post, it only shows the first picture and the first few words. To actually be reading this now, you probably have alr found one of the three methods to get to the full post. It's like playing Hidden Mickey :D
Method 1. Click on the title.
Method 2. Click on the time after {♥ KELLIE 珂俐}.
Method 3. Mouseover the photograph to reveal an arrow at the bottom right-hand corner. On the phone, click on the picture to find the arrow. Then click on the arrow. I originally planned to make the arrow wayyy tinier, until I realised it was so tiny, even I had problems clicking on it =.= so I made it bigger.
Methods 1 and 2 are actually in-built in the blogger system, so it practically works on everyone's blogs unless they disable it. Only Method 3 is the secret hidden happiness heh.

3. To get back to the home page, there are two ways. First, is to click on the words {ohsosweetandprettyme} at the top of the page, which is also a inbuilt system. The second way is the home button at the bottom of the page. SHO CUTE RIGHT MY HOME BUTTON :D

Yep that's all. Any comments or suggestions please direct to me.