Live Tortoise and Turtle Museum + Chinese Gardens + Japanese Gardens

I finally found the determination to go to the tortoise museum because my voucher was expiring, and I was in the area because I was having driving lessons. But I think I spent more time in walking around Chinese Gardens and Japanese Gardens even though they weren't the main point. I only spent around 20mins in the tortoise and turtle museum.

The tortoise and turtle museum was rather small, but they really do have a lot of tortoises and turtles, kept in tanks like they were fishes in a pet store;
It was the first time I actually saw a live pig-nose turtle, and it really does look like a pig's nose! But of course pigs are way cuter because their snout matches their body ^..^ The snake-head turtle was just a weird looking thing, it had a snake-like face and neck, and a turtle shell, and it looked just an awkward giraffe with the long swaying neck.

And they have this amazing collection of all things tortoise;

There was also an outdoor area where the tortoises were roaming and I bought French beans to feed them;
While this big guy was eating, I tried to stroke its shell, and it felt like a big piece of wood that had been sandpapered really well haha. I also got some videos of my hand feeding them, and they were snatching the food with each other. It made me feel all-important when I took out another strand to offer it to them heh.

The Chinese and Japanese Gardens were not really very much different from each other, except in the Chinese Gardens most of the rocks had Chinese characters carved in red.

I met two people today. The first one was a coincidence. Vanessa was at the Gardens for a walk with her friend. Idk how they managed to decide to go there, but oh wells. Then while I was walking around, I picked up a conversation with an American who lived in Malaysia. She said she loves Singapore (just like me!) :D and she lived here for half a year a while back.

After a tiring walk, I went back to the train station planning to buy a cup of soy milk and a pancake, but found out that Mr Bean closed down! D: I guess that's cos my memory of Mr Bean at Chinese Gardens MRT was a memory of 5 years ago, while we were there filming 桃花源;

Those were the days~