Resorts World Sentosa: Adventure Cove

Me and sijia went to Adventure Cove ytd! Thank you Eileen for getting us tix at $17 each :D usual price is $36 so we got the tix at less than half price.

I was wearing long sleeves not because I'm a crazy person. It's called being forward looking. I was wearing what I wanted to wear after the swim, so that I didn't have to carry an extra change of clothes in my bag. Since I tend to feel cold after dipping in water, long sleeves were a perfect choice. The swimsuit I wore was of the super conservative kind. Sijia wore tee and shorts so I didn't want to appear too indecent next to her, so I wore tee and shorts too, just of the swimsuit material;

I seriously think I have a flair for picking dates to go on outings. When clique went to USS, we finished all the rides by 2pm because there was no one. River Safari also ended fast due to the lack of crowd. Then ytd, there was no queue at the rides! Amanda said she queued for one of the rides for 4hrs before, but we played every single ride. We even did one of the rides 3 times, and sijia went for a 4th by herself so I could take pics cos no cameras were allowed on rides.

I feel so proud of us! I brought my waterproof casing for my phone, and sijia brought her underwater camera. We were one of the rare few people who could take pics in the wet theme park cos the rest of the people kept their fragile phones and cameras away from the water. We even attempted selfies underwater hehe;

Right at the entrance of the park were the locker rooms and shower cubicles. It's nice that the lockers were of unlimited access, so that we only had to pay once for using it the entire day. I mean, if they decided to charge us for each time we opened the locker, we'd probably end up paying by card. Also, at the entrance of every ride / attraction there were cubicles for personal belongings, and even though it was fully opened and visible, no one ever took our underwater camera and phone and $50 cash and my credit card which was just staring point-blankly into their faces. I just love how safe Singapore is.

The first thing we did was to sit in a float in the Adventure River;

It's kind of like a slow-current river where everyone just flows along with the current, and the river circles the entire theme park, so depending on which exit we exited at, we would end up at the different attractions.

The first exit is the main entrance of the place, so entering from the locker rooms after keeping our bags, we would float down to the second exit, where the big slides were. The last exit is to the Rainbow Reef and Splashworks, and then back to the entrance again. It's a leisurely method of travel round the park (: we used it many many times to get to all the different exits even though we could have just walked on land.

And along the ride around the river, this is what everyone sees, but are unable to photograph due to their lack of underwater cameras and waterproof phone pouches;

There are five big slides in Adventure Cove, but they weren't very fun cos they ended too quickly. I understand that we are a small country with limited land space, so we can't build big roller coasters like those in the USA where one ride can last up to two minutes D: our favourite was the Riptide Rocket. Or actually, it's sijia's favourite cos it's the only ride in which she gets to sit in front. I like the Tidal Twister best because it was all dark in there and it was almost impossible to tell which way we were going to turn. But I think I didn't sit properly in the float so I bumped my butt against the walls of the slide. It hurts ):

Riptide Rocket when sijia was playing alone;

I played this ride thrice. Idk why, but the plunges seemed the steepest on the third round. I thought it was supposed to get easier as I play it more, but this theory only worked for the second try. Of course, fact is that the steepness of the slides never changed.

Rainbow Reef is a saltwater pool where we got to snorkel with fishes;
selfie while snorkelling underwater

sijia posing for the camera! i have to admit that i'm very bad at underwater shots, but i did manage to take a very clear video of the fishes

Because of the live creatures swimming in there, they have to maintain the pool at a more natural temperature, so this was the coldest pool in the entire arena. All other pools and slides use heated water in which humans thrive in. If the fishes were given heated water, we'd probably see boiled fish soup being served at the restaurant haha.

It was sijia's first try at snorkelling, so I agree it was a little tough for her. Cos she can't control the water from getting into her mask and she kept taking in the saltwater. She'd better be grateful that the saltwater is regularly maintained. I remember when I first snorkelled in the sea as a little 8-year-old kid, I didn't know how to use the snorkel well, and ended up drinking pure seawater. Idk what else I took in. Oil from oil spills or fish shit or whatever.

Splashworks is an obstacle course like place, where failing an obstacle means falling straight into 4m-deep water. It's the only attraction that requires the knowledge of how to swim. It was super tiring, probably cos I'm a lazy bum with a gross lack of exercise and training. And today I'm aching all over ): I was a little freaked out about taking the plunge but I jumped in anw. In sijia's words, I tried to {break fall} so I ended up slapping the water with my palm flat onto the water surface. And then my palm was a little red after that D: but sijia got it worse. She ended up with cuts and bruises all over her legs. Idk how she even did that cos I was perfectly okay. I only got an abrasion from scrapping my knee against a rock in the Rainbow Reef.

The last attraction is the wave pool, which we played in for like almost an hour. I have a video of sijia being swept here and there and it's quite funny XD we wore life jackets in the wave pool, and so my face didn't really get wet cos I was floating above the water most of the time. But even with the life jacket on, sijia got water in her face like all the time. So I concluded that besides learning how to use a snorkel, sijia needs to learn how to use a floatation device as well.

Sijia says she thinks Singaporeans must be rude and unresponsive people. Because the two of us are very polite and we will thank every of the service crew for helping us at the rides, and even say bye-bye to them when we leave the dock, and they were all surprisingly pleased and happy about it. It really is a tough job being service crew because it plays on the emotional labour as well, so we really need to be appreciative to all these people who help make our day fun, and also help make their day better as well. It's quite pointless to be working in a theme park if they aren't enjoying themselves.

Lunch was at the Bay Restaurant. What a name. With the queue system and the food service method and the trays provided, it highly resembled dining in Ikea;
The meals were cheap! Not cheap as in low cost, but cheap as in they had the ability to 敲诈 us for a lot more. We were expecting our meal with drink to add up to about $20 each, but it was only less than $15 each because there was no GST or service charge, and the drinks even came free o:

Dinner was at Palio restaurant in Hotel Michael (RWS);

There was a Thrifty Tuesday deal, so we went fine dining on a four course meal because it was one-for-one;

Carpaccio di Spada
Thin slices of Sicilian smoked Swordfish loin
Crunchy capers & sun dried tomato, lemon dressing


Tuscan Porcini Mushrooms soup
Porcini soil & white Truffle oil drops


Maccheroni al Ragout di Agnello
Maccheroni pasta served with braised lamb shank ragout & roasted capsicums


Polpette alla Marinara
Grandma style beef ball in rich tomato gravy served with Palio mashed Potatoes


Palio signature’s Tiramisu’ cake

I really liked the mashed potatoes :D one of the few good ones in sg. And the soup was great too. And because we ordered two different main courses, they helped us place the two dishes in the middle of the table to share. How nice!

Also, the tiramisu was the second tiramisu I had in a day. The first being courtesy of sijia's kitchen;
i absolutely love how iphone automatically sets the aperture

Even though we're friends, I'd be lying if I said that sijia's tiramisu was better. I mean, it was good as well, but there was too much coffee for me. I'm sure coffee-lovers would appreciate it much more than me. And I was eating it out of the back of a McDonald's spoon cos the front was too huge to go in -.-

Including the drinks which we ordered separately, we paid $39 each for the dinner, including GST and service charge. The original meal price is $55 before GST and service charge, and it doesn't even include drinks.

Altogether we spent close to $150 bucks, which was really cheap for a whole day of play and a good dinner. If I don't remember wrong, River Safari + dinner at Sentosa two weeks back slightly exceeded $100 per person.

*all photos in this post were edited