Stand Up For Our Singapore: More Than a Miracle

Waking up at 12nn and committing myself to be at the Asian Civilisations Museum Lawn at 3pm within the next two minutes is really no fun. I wasn't planning to go out today, so I had to rush all the stuff I usually prepare the night before going out, get washed up, have breakfast and lunch, and travel there all within 3hrs. Sijia didn't join me today because she had to work ): it would have been more fun with her around. Though I did meet Clara and Ting Yu there too.

After Mr Tong gave the briefing about talking to strangers and engaging them in conversation, the first paticipant I actually had my conversation with was not a stranger, and she approached me instead of me approaching her;
Joyce was actually visiting her friend, but since her friend was at the booth, I had the conversation together with her instead heh. And she is super 强 cos she got all 5 stamps while I was just wondering around the place aimlessly.

Of course I did talk to complete strangers as well, and there was this guy called Douglas who is turning 19 this year, and he was totally like {I know I'm very old}. I just opened my eyes wide and told him not to say that cos that would make me even older omg. But he was a fun guy who tried to imitate his baby cousin, and he still made a disclaimer that he doesn't have a cute face so it probably wouldn't work out, and it really didn't XP

At the end of the activity, which I only completed 3 out of 5 stamps, we had to exchange letters with a stranger and read his letter to him. It was super awkz cos I wanted my letter to remain anonymous. And he must be like totally laughing at my nonsense D: and we brought home each others cards to continue admiring them.
i blurred out all the words for privacy purposes ._.

Then we were even made to read our own letters to a camera. I think I just died of embarrassment D: the camera guy asked if I would ever come back to another StandUp event after he made us do this, and I was totally like NO. But I probably would, if sijia is free to join me so that my 对象 to embarrass myself would judge me less. Notice I say I am going to continue embarrassing myself as usual, but at least not to random people >.<

Actually I think I have done far more embarrassing things, for example tripping over the legs of the yellow barricades during Chingay in front of the public with my exco pass and comms set on T____T I seriously need to dig a hole and hide myself forever.