The Providore

Dinner today was with les frenchies whom I spent last summer in France with. It was an entire session about 叙旧ing and good food! ^_^ reminiscing was probably the most impt part, because it really made me miss the times we had together, even with my cute host and Jeremy. It was an awesome summer, and I really hope we can do it again. Though I don't think belle wants the same host anymore haha.

Missing Nobelle cos she left early /:

The waiter was really nice. We asked him to help take a photo, and he helped us find a good angle, and took multiple shots. I like helpful waiters :D waiters in Providore were generally very nice and pleasant and kept smiling (:

I was one hour late, so the rest of them had alr ordered their food and were in fact almost done with it by the time I got there >.< their food, taken off vanessa's instagram;
I had asparagus wrapped in bacon with a poached egg on top, and a chai latte (not in picture).

And then for desserts;
We shared a strawberry shortcake and a not-too-photogenic chocolate cheese cake, with credits to Vanessa again for the beautiful pictures! She even shared a secret iPhoneography technique with me hehe x: next time I'll picture my food even more prettily yayee \(^_^)/ anw, meri was right about the desserts, they were really good! I especially liked the chocolate cake. I think I like too many chocolate cakes alr, it seems like every cafe is drawing me back with their chocolate cakes.

When it was time for the bill, we had an odd case of a missing $50 note. Doesn't matter, I guess we all had fun, and that's the most important thing afterall.