Arts Camp 2014: Pre-Camp

Right before Arts Camp I was working for five whole consecutive days, standing 10hrs on my feet each day. But I'll blog about that some other time, so that I don't risk my paycheck in case someone doesn't like what I write ._.

I missed the first day of camp because it was a workday, and the next day I woke up late. I woke up when Pasmine called, which was when the day began. I was supposed to wake up 2hrs early so that I could be on time for the second day, but I slept right through it. So I was 2hrs late. I made it for lunch, mass wet games, and station wet and dirty games. Wet and dirty games were actually quite dry and clean. Probably cos we didn't get to do slippery slope. After dinner was rehearsal for Fright Night, and obviously I gave it a miss. I was glad that I had a partner-in-crime, Melissa, who got so scared and cried when they made her go through it, so she sat out. As usual again, I went home before the night was over. Staying at night would expose to everyone what a bimbo I am, and people would be complaining about the length of time I spend in the toilet etc. I choose not to spoil my perfect image by staying too long with them. Anyone who wants to see how bimbo and stupid and princess-y I can get, go join some event and be my vol.

Today was the last day, and it was Beach Day as well. So I met them at VivoCity, and we travelled into Sentosa together. I got dunked twice as part of one of the station games. I drank some seawater, but it wasn't too much ^_^ Then it rained halfway, so we had to cut short the activities ): we hid in the tent and watched the STARS wrestle XD then we played tempo games which I am forever fail at T___T when the rain stopped we had mass games which was highly confusing. In fact, I think all mass games had weird and ever-changing instructions. But tug-o-war was the usual, and we all had fun ^_^ finally was house dinner at the VivoCity sky park.

Val was as entertaining as ever, and now there's a new joke about her forehead haha. Idk what Pas did, but she seems to have offended the guys, who kept throwing sand into her shirt during beach day. I made friends with many of the councillors and OGLs, whom I never had a chance to say hi to when I was just a freshie, so I think it's great (: and I like the new people in my OG too!

My hair is dry now, so that's it. Goodnight!