Arts Camp 2014

Day 0.
It was Father's Day, and they had to accommodate the Father's Day dinner, so the meeting time was delayed from 7.30pm to 9.30pm. I don't think Father's Day is a great day to have Day 0, because even though the official meeting time was 9.30pm, there were still people who came after the briefing ended because their Father's Day dinner only ended at about 9pm. I decided to stay over because after the postponement, the official end time of Day 0 would be pushed back to 12mn, which meant it really would only end after 1am.

After bath time ended at around 2am, I climbed into my sleeping bag and fell right asleep. The rest stayed up to watch The Exorcist and had HTHT until about 5+am, when we were supposed to wake at 7.30am. I would never give up my beauty sleep to watch a horror film. They said it was amazing how well I slept, especially since they were quite noisy. After the movie, they left me alone. I was the only one along the whole corridor while they climbed out the window to sit on the roof which was much less stuffy.

Day 1.
We met the freshies for the first time ^_^ they were all a little awkz but they all tried to make friends, I guess. After the opening mass games where the guys had their limbs torn apart and the introductory video, we had lunch. Then I had a really bad case of indigestion so I went home at around 3pm T___T so much for being a helpful councillor. But I went back after dinner to bring their half-broken voices some herbal tea and to take part in disturbing the SPs.

I have been one of those to disturb SPs during their chat, but I actually never had a SP myself ): I think I'm quite sporting so I'll just play along with whatever nonsense they want me to do. But I didn't do anything bad to Helen and Paris. Instead, I just went around listening to the weird high-pitched voices seniors made when screwing with the freshies so that they won't be identified. I used my natural voice. I really couldn't keep up the squeaky voice for more than 5 words in one sitting.

Wu Ai went back earlier than me because she had a sore throat. I was totally like, have we even started cheering yet? I think she is really not fated with Arts Camp, because her sore throat magically healed itself on Day 5.

Day 2.
I purposely woke up late so that I didn't have to go for the Sponsors' Talks, but I wasn't told that mass dance was right after the talks, so I had to sit through it. I would have woke up even later if I had known.

I had promised to top-up the councillors' lunch the night before, so before I headed down to school I went to j8 to get them pizza. I chose a good day to buy lunch, since that was the worst lunch they provided us with. I doubt anyone liked their pasta pan-fried with bamboo shoots, as can be seen from the fact that all the freshies started borrowing money from us to buy their lunch.

After our meal was wet and dirty games which was not wet and dirty at all. Everyone came out clean and dry =.= And they removed the slide game D: I think that's the best game leh. I really enjoyed playing it as a freshie. I think pas found a talent in teaching how to flip the cup after her burdening our OG during pre-camp, and I have a natural talent for flipping the cup cos I flipped it thrice and I got it all three times! :D

Post-dinner was SP interaction time again. There weren't any SP games as was briefed. In fact, we had a briefing that the O-Commers were not prepared for. When asked a question, the guy ended up telling us to cancel the current briefing and we'll have another briefing later (which didn't actually happen). So in conclusion, we had a briefing to tell us that we were going to have another briefing. Anw, I wasn't very mean, I only made one of the couples do this;
But I did shock them twice, so I admit that was pretty bad of me heh x: But still! I was very nice; other couples had to lie down into each others' arms and star-gaze with their blindfolds on. There was this one guy who was very good at sweet-talking me out of disturbing them.

Then was Fright Night which councillors didn't have to do. Yayee to another successful escape from Fright Night, which means I still have not gone for Fright Night before \(^_^)/ During debrief, Eric, Xiao Wee and I-can't-remember-who were doing a demo of Val's pre-camp Fright Night. It was super funny omg. I laughed til my stomach hurt real bad cos I had not fully recovered from my indigestion the day before.

Day 3. Beach Day
This is the highlight of all of Arts Camp. I think tug-of-war is the main game throughout the whole 5 days of activities. There is no other game which makes me feel the passion and the house spirit as strongly as this one. I probably will make it a point to attend O-Week's tug-of-war even if I decide not to go as a councillor. Val made our OG do her indian dance over and over and over. It was super funny! Kenneth and Yong Cheng were facepalm-ing at us each time we did it. The O-Commers loved it though, so that's the main point.

I was super slack looking after the valuables and bottles. I always moved myself into the shade and I spammed super a lot of sunblock. I didn't get a sunburn this year \(^_^)/ the tan lines are not obvious as well. But I still want to cover it up for at least a week, in case some highly astute people are still able to notice the colour difference.

Dinner was at the Vivo rooftop as usual, and I finally HTHT-ed with a freshie! :D Me, jas, cj, hex and Chang How formed our own circle and had HTHT. I'm so grateful for that because I always go home before HTHT time at night.

Day 4. SP Revelation + Social Night
I didn't go for the daytime parts cos I was too tired, and I didn't want to have to carry my change of clothes to the club either. I would have worn a prettier dress, but in the end I chose the pink one that looks like a normal outing dress so that I could cover up my tan lines from beach day. I only got it to look better through the heels. I seriously think shoes are amazing stuff. They can change the entire look of a person. Imagine if I wore that dress but with sneakers instead. I'll look like I'm just going out normally.

During the SP Revelation, we came up with a grand plan which had to be cut short due to a lack of time. Damn sianz ): but anw I was sitting among the freshies as a decoy hehe. That was kinda fun, though no one chose me cos they mostly got their partners right the first try ._.

Social Night saw me sitting by the river with jas, hex and cj. I donated a bottle of Chivas Regal to the OG, and of course I had some drinks myself. Drinking is always fun, but it turns out that I still can't stand the loud music and flashing lights in the clubs. Bars are much more tranquil places.

Day 5. Break Camp
I turned up after the Sponsors' Talks again heh. Nothing much happened on Day 5, except that R House didn't get first place, which was quite disappointing. But Bryan won best freshie!
i'm sure you can tell why from this photo

I only wrote on 3 freshies' cards because I didn't really know the rest of the people. I never really got a chance to talk to them on the individual level. In return, I had highly generic sentences on my card too. It's okay cos I can't even make out some of the handwritings. I guess that's what I get for not staying overnight with them. But I still feel better not staying than staying. Just refer to what happened on the night of Day 0.

Arts Camp is over. Next up, O-Week!