FASStrack Asia 2014: The Beginning

the only word i like to hear after 'summer' is 'break'

I'd love to have a summer break too, but what's a summer without going overseas? And since I get to clear mods at the same time, why not take the chance to underload one or two of my sems right? I may need it for my semester exchange too. Moreover, school trips usually offer some itinerary that normal tours / free-and-easy cannot offer at all, no matter how much they try.

I picked one of the fun fun courses, since I didn't want to stress out my summer. My mom was a little disappointed when I chose Korean pop culture over human-trafficking in Cambodia, but she too conceded that I should enjoy my break. The trip to Korea sounds like it's going to be awesome, since we get lectures by Korean professors, and we get to visit M Countdown and entertainment companies, and the teacher is trying to push for an interview with the PD of Running Man! I hope it comes through >.<

I really like my class too, cos we fangirl with each other during class time and mealtime and every single time we get the opportunity to do so. Just like what Qi Qing said, {I can finally talk about kpop without getting judged} 8D

Before our fieldtrip though, we have intensive Korean language lessons every weekday from 9am - 1pm. Thank goodness I moved into UTown for the duration of the programme, otherwise I'd just kill myself waking up at such wee hours of the morning for five days a week. Although it is quite tiring, I think we're progressing at lightning speed cos we get to listen and to speak and to utilise what we learn every day. I just hate having vocab tests every morning. Hopefully I get Korean right.

I think I must be very bad at languages, since I have watched so much Korean dramas but I never actually picked up any vocab or sentence structure from them. I have also learnt so many languages before but nothing much usually comes out of them.
- I have tried to learn Malay, which my whole family did together. My dad said it was important that we learn bahasa cos of Ryca Malaysia and Ryca Indonesia. That lasted for 10 lessons, but until now I can only say {nama saya Kellie}. I don't even think I can count past five. Which basically is what DHS taught us as well.
- Miss Low tried to teach us thai before STEP exchange. I think we did about 6hrs. Now, I don't even remember how to say {My name is ___.} I can only recite my thai name that my buddy's parents gave me. I can't even write it out. Oh, and the only sentence I remember besides the basic sawadee-ka is how to say {I am very pretty} in thai. Bimbo much.

Every alternate weekday afternoon, we have lectures on Korean pop culture too. It's more like spending half the lesson watching MVs, dramas, movies and variety shows. The teacher's slides are full of posters too, which we all go oooh and aaah over each time a new slide comes onto screen haha. And the teacher is super hip omg. Ytd's lesson was 来自星星的你, and the next few screenings include very recent shows like the Heirs etc. Most of us have alr watched these, but who cares. We can always watch again ^_^ also, while we were going through the motivations for taking up this course, most of us cited our love for kpop, and the teacher would ask us who we support. And she totally knows all the gossip and latest news and all that kind of stuffs O:

I think I'm going to enjoy my summer a lot! :D