Last Day as a Teen


I officially declare that I have a talent for burdening my own birthday >.< not that I purposely do it, but oh well, things happen.

This year, my birthday came a little early for the clique. We usually celebrate my birthday belatedly, but across the past few years they have been getting more and more on time. Today, we did it one day early for the first time. I wasn't really expecting anything since we only decided to have dinner today last night. And we only decided on where to eat like 2hrs before meeting time.

We went to Caffe Beviamo in Tanglin Mall for dinner;

Amanda and Christine ordered a lasagna each while I ordered ravioli;
The lasagna does not seem highly appetising, that's why I had to include Amanda as a distraction, but it tasted nicer than the ravioli.

I also ordered lemongrass tea;
And we were totally doing the tea thing wrong hahaha /:

After dinner was when I began burdening my bday again. I wanted to look at the biscuits, so Amanda agreed to go with me;
In the meantime, Christine was supposed to take out the cake they bought for me from Awfully Chocolate so that I would get a surprise when I returned. But guess what! I started wandering around the area and totally ignoring Amanda's calls for me to stay away from the display nearest our table ooops x: but I was still shocked to see the cake since I wasn't expecting it! :D thanks for making the effort ♥

Then we wandered around Tanglin Mall looking at all the cute stuff for kids and coming up with a theme for my birthday party next year. I'm still not very sure if I want to throw a grand one, but there's always no harm in the imagination. We even had to lie to a store attendant about looking for gifts for a six-year-old kid, when in actual fact we were the ones swooning over all the cutesy items, including a dinosaur bag which I hope Amanda never brings to NTU. I don't mind her bringing it to the childcare centre to blend in with the little kids, but NTU is a bit too much for my poor heart to handle.

Then we cabbed back to Ion due to our sheer laziness. Anw it's only $6 so laziness will prevail over costs. Amanda bought a spaghetti from F21, and then we went to Muji to stamp notebooks and a bag we bought at $1.90 each;

We even stamped a {Happy Birthday} on my hand;
Laugh if you get the joke.

I brought the Awfully Chocolate cake home so that we could oovoo together with jm and hj and they could all sing me a bday song together before I swallow it whole. My parents bought me an Awfully Chocolate cake too O: so I ended up with 2 cakes at midnight.

Hj was the first to wish me, she called six minutes before my birthday. Thank you for the love all the way from Deutschland ♥ then me, Christine and jm had to wait 40mins for burden + drifter Amanda to appear on oovoo D: they finally sang me a bday song and I had my cake. I have a voice recording of the bday song if y'all were wondering what I was doing hehe ^_^

Thank you all who have wished for my bright future so far. I'm looking forwards with great joy and anticipation to what my 20s have in store for me!