LegoLand Malaysia

LegoLand has been on my bucket list for too long. Too long. I finally made it there with the Blue 2 gang ytd. Apparently it was an entire birthday packaged just for me (notice the sarcasm). And I thought I was the one who suggested the trip ._.

I thought we were supposed to meet at 8.30am, and I felt that I had to be early cos it'd be terrible if we missed the bus. So the usually tardy me arrived at 8.15am to find no one =.= they had all decided to arrive at 8.45am but decided not to tell me cos they were afraid I was going to be late again. I ended up waiting for four guys for half an hour. What happened to gentlemanliness! Luckily wy arrived at 8.30am so it wasn't such a long and tiresome wait.

Crossing the causeway took a little more time than expected. The bus left at 9am, but we finally arrived at LegoLand only after close to three hours.

We had lunch at Old Town White Coffee;

Then we finally entered LegoLand! :D

The rides are highly mild. There is always enough time to catch a breather between the upslope and the downslope. Probably Christine would be enjoying herself but one of the roller coaster pictures caught me giving the sianz face on camera. After that, I made an effort to look out for all the cameras so I could pose properly before it took my picture. Not like I needed to hold onto anything nor scream so I could always smile and put on my favourite peace sign with both hands ^_^ such a vast difference as compared to when I was six and trembling on a Viking ship.

As we were boarding the water slide, it started to rain. Heavily. I ended up trembling not because of the ride, but because the lead up to it was long and cold and wet and windy. I was literally soaked to the bones even before the actually slide. So it actually made no difference sitting in the front or at the back, since we were all drenched even before it began. Problem: I had no extra change of clothes.

Since we were alr dripping wet, we decided to walk back in the pouring rain to our bags, and headed off to the water park. I got changed into my swimsuit, and bought a new set of clothes. I bought couple tee with x;
forever scandalous 

I was telling x that since 2011 we have had many photos with just the two of us making hearts with our hands, and maybe I should compile a collection for his gf ooops x:

Even though we were in the water park, we could not get onto any of the rides cos of the rain D: actually, it was probably more because of the thunder and lightning that they closed the rides. So we wasted the tix.

After slacking around the shopping area and buying myself a pair of shorts, we headed back into LegoLand to play the still-functioning indoor rides, and also the station games where we won Dave and Kevin stuffed toys! :D
Yayee dy is very good at shooting cans! \(^_^)/ I shot like 6 balls but I missed every single can ._. I brought Dave home as my bday present, and Kevin was given to x's gf.

There was also an area built up of Lego modelling famous landmarks in Asia;
The eye for detail is simply amazing! And the sensor on the bus is super good. x moved the bus off course but it still managed to steer back into its original course without knocking into anything ö

Imagine me running around a theme park in my swimsuit T___T but anw I kept getting wet, cos of the rain. When the rain stopped, the rides began working again. But we were about 2hrs to the time we were supposed to gather for the coach home, so there was no chance of going to the water park. We ended up playing the water slide another seven times to pass an entire hour o.o

Most of the better photos are credited to x and my waterproof phone cover. Trust me, the slide was not steep, but it was super cold cos of the evening winds /: me and zy wanted to leave after the second last round, but they made us continue =.= the two little kids we made friends with played about 3 or 4 rounds with us. It has to be really not scary such that kids 7 and 11 years of age actually come to LegoLand just for this ride.

After an entire week of work, camp and LegoLand, I was super tired. Today, I woke up, had lunch, and napped til 7pm before going out for dinner. I don't think I'm ready, but hello! next hectic week. Here we go again~

x represents some guy who didn't declare his going overseas
edits bear the watermark, the rest of the pics are raw