Singapore Food Expo 2014

Finally I have completed my first job ever, and received the paycheck! The fair was actually from 29 May to 2 June, but I wasn't about to risk my paycheck by blogging about it too early heh. I wouldn't say it was a very pleasant experience, though I'm grateful for my friendly workmates, and all the uncles and aunties in the neighbouring booths for feeding me with their samples. The chocolate wafer auntie gave me like 10+ wafers a day, and the soybean milk auntie always prepares for me a special big cup (: The snacks we were selling was so bad, even the in-charge had to tell us not to give samples, if not no one would buy from us at all. Must let people buy home to try. So obviously I couldn't rely on snacking off my own samples.

Food at the expo was all cheap and nice. Like the tw fruit beer was 9 for $20. Normally each can would be $4+. And pocky was $6 for 8 packs. During one of the dinners, me and Amanda had half a crab for $9.80! We also bought 鱼鳔汤 cos 买一送二 o.o

Normally I choose not to work because I don't see the point in exerting myself when sitting at home + going on outings and living off my allowance pays better than a salary. But since Amanda wanted to, I agreed to go along as well. So I stood 10+hrs a day for $6 an hour and 4% commission. It's quite a bad deal. I should just go back to being a slacker. Or maybe I should have done IT Fair, cos each laptop sold is close to $50 commission. Selling 3 laptops a day would cut it.

First two days were extremely tiring, I had to stand all the way. About 4hrs into the first day my legs were alr super sore, and I kept "going to the toilet" and sit on the chairs outside the expo hall. I knocked out cold straight after I got home. By the forth day, I could stand all the way til 8pm without complaining about an ache. And when I bathed I could even feel the muscle on my legs ö I haven't felt it like since NAPFA 2.4, which was more than 2yrs ago.

The last day was freebies galore! :D everyone was out to clear stock, so when I went to buy munchies, I got two extra boxes free, which meant $10 for 9 boxes of biscuits and 1 cup! At the end of the day, when the guests had all left, the staff from any booth could go to the tw fruit beer stall to collect free beer. And thus my alcoholic tendencies reappear.

Working at an exhibition allowed me to see the things I have taken for granted at Ryca's exhibitions.
1. The chairs.
This is highly impt stuff. If I'm not allowed to sit, then shift rotations should be more frequent, not just one person on duty for the whole day.
2. Breaks.
Here I only get 30mins of break during lunch and dinner. Although we always extend our breaks, it also can't get too long cos I'll feel guilty for making the next person wait. But when helping out at Ryca, I get to declare my break anytime I want, for as long as I want, sans guilt. Then I get time to wander around to look and buy things that interest me.
3. Knowing the items well.
Usually during our own exhibitions I know all the items like second nature cos I've seen them, played with them, used them. Here, when people ask, I have to read all the labels on the packaging to make sure I answer correctly. Sometimes, people just walk away while waiting for me to be done. Of course, it gets better over time cos I've practically memorised all the prices and info after answering the same questions over and over. But when people ask me if how do the food taste, I can only be so honest as to say {I actually never tried them}. Actually half the time I say I never tried, I'm lying. It just tastes so bad that I can't answer honestly.
4. Sellable items.
No matter how much I love my iPhone, I'm pretty sure I could sell a Samsung if you asked me to. Even a brand-less bag has utility. And my watches that no one buys, I can explain it really well, just that people get turned off at the prices ._. But these that I was made to sell were practically constructed so that I have to feel guilty each time someone buys them through my promotion. I don't even try hard for my commission. I just sell when people want to buy.
5. Attractive display.
I have learnt that people are only attracted to two things; either they know the brand, or it has a pretty display. Bonus if it's both together. Apparently we have neither, so our row seems to be quiet most of the time. It only gets interesting when people come visit;
That was my only visitor, who I kept letting her sample the weird stuff I was selling while giving evil innocent face (*^_^*)
5. Networking.
Usually I leave the networking and exchanging of name cards to my parents, I just answer queries and make sales. The people I talk to usually only appear in my life once. But then I realised the imptance of befriending all the neighbours, since they were the ones who brought me food, shared info about other booths they visited etc.

No matter how tiring and unhappy it was, it was afterall a learning experience.