Starting the Big 2

Having friends from all around the world is an amazing thing. It means I get wishes by the hour, each time when a timezone strikes midnight. Thank you to all those who remembered this special day! Hj from Germany, Namfon from Thailand, Laura from Aussie, Leo from Spain. Special mention goes to bunny cos he called me just to say happy birthday \(^_^)/

I would also like to thank all those in Singapore who remembered cos I deactivated my fb account again for one day and two hours just so that I don't receive an avalanche of messages that people send just for the sake of it. Wishes should come from the heart.

I started yesterday with two awfully chocolate cakes at midnight, and spent the rest of it with sijia in the evening. She baked Vanilla Pumpkin Spice cupcakes for me;
I told her I probably would not have eaten it if she baked me chocolate cakes. But it was cinnamon flavouring ^_^ idk how people can mistaken it for banana but oh wells. Cream is maple cream cheese, which is better than those artificial sugars + cream cheese because of the aroma. And pumpkin-shaped marshmallows! SHO CUTE RIGHT :D she even made the pumpkins herself awww ❤️

At dinner I chanced into Andrea and her gf so I gave them a cupcake too. Hope they liked it!

Oh, the best part about the cakes were that they matched my orange outfit;

Last week, when sijia asked me out on my birthday, I was in a blur state of mind so I agreed to going out on Tuesday without thinking it was my birthday. Then when I was about to put it into my calendar, I saw the date and got a shock. So I quickly called her back to say that if it was just a normal dinner, I would like to change the date hahaha. But it wasn't planned to be normal anw, so I agreed to continue.

Dinner was sijia's treat at some shabu shabu place in Orchard Central. I chipped in $30 worth of vouchers as well (:
The dinner wasn't all that great. The soup bases were super salty. And we even managed to cook 乌鸡 in the black sukiyaki soup. That must be a great deal of colouring I swallowed there ._. out of all the things on the table, only the sushi and chicken and vegetables were nice. The rest ranged from so-so to bad. We wasted a lot of meat that way >.< I don't think it was worth much the money.

After dinner and matcha ice-cream, we headed to sijia's house where I stayed past midnight talking about life, and heartless + brainless people. Seriously who goes to Japan with a guy she has barely known for two weeks and his friends whom she has never met.

Today was just crazy. I left the house at 7.30am, and after a whole day of doing stuffs, I met Jaime and Crystal for dinner. I need to sleep. Goodnight.