Day 3 of Tour Singapore

No matter how much I love to tour around Singapore, I don't think I have ever been to sooo many tourist attractions in such a short time. I would go to a certain spot to hang out for a whole day and take my time looking around, and then the next outing would be in at least another 3 days. This time, I have been to the east and the west of Singapore, and back to the east again in only 3 days O: we did manage to cover a lot of places, but there was not enough time to dilly-dally around a certain area to learn more and wander off. For example, the tour of Sentosa was simply the cable car ride and going up the Merlion. We did not go to RWS or Adventure Cove or S.E.A. Aquarium or Palawan Beach. The cycling trip around East Coast Park was only about 1hr, from the Lagoon to Bedok Jetty and back. The usual route which we Singaporeans love to take that covers the entire stretch up to the airport runway was scraped because of time constraints.

Today is the last day of Yu-Ru's stay in Singapore, and we covered East Coast Park, Little India, Bugis and Clarke Quay. I met Shanice, Yu-Ru and Daniel at Parkway Parade at 12nn to begin our bike ride. It was sweltering hot outside. But we couldn't do earlier because we wanted to bring Yu-Ru to try Singapore's famous hawker food at the Lagoon, and we had to do it after the lunch hour started. East Coast Park was really crowded today because of the Hari Raya holiday. I really wanted Yu-Ru to enjoy the peace and quiet of the park, but I guess it wasn't really possible ._.

We ordered a lot of food at the Lagoon; hokkien mee, duck porridge, rojak, sugarcane juice, coconut juice, prawn mee, satay beehoon etc. The usual Singaporean local favourites. We had so much to eat we couldn't finish them all. But it was still worth wasting all that food so long as Yu-Ru got to try out all the good stuff.

We met QQ at Little India train station, and we went to a heritage Indian temple site, and we did hennas as well. Only me and Yu-Ru did the hennas, and the rest of them were trying to get discount by lying that we were both foreign tourist friends. Yu-Ru from Taiwan and I was from HK =.= It's my third time getting a henna, and I really find it pretty when it is not drawn excessively like the way the Indians like to do it. But preference is subjective, and if they think it is nice, then I respect it as nice too.

After that we went to Bugis Street, one of the places I never shop at. I do agree the clothes there are really cheap, but they really aren't for me. Especially not the material. But since Yu-Ru's a tourist, of course we had to go. In the end, Yu-Ru bought chocolates. And nothing else.

Dinner was American-Mexican fusion food at Clarke Quay's Central. The food was good, except the molten lava cake was not dense enough, and there was not enough lava oozing out. Refer to Shanice's instavid for clarifications. I think Shanice makes awesome instavids. Idk how she does it, but I really love her video collages. I must 偷师 from her hehe.

As we walked along the Singapore River, we were deciding whether or not to take the Reverse Bungee ride. But QQ, Shanice and Yu-Ru were afraid, and I didn't want to do it right after a meal, so we went home instead. I think Daniel was kind of disappointed. Next time we 같이 가요 okay! I really want to do it too, but not 20mins after we finished dinner.

That was the end of the day, and the end of the Yu-Ru's trip as well. I'll be seeing her off at the airport tmr. I guess I will feel sad, but I know we'll see each other again ^_^ Pictures from today are in my camera, and I'm too lazy to upload them now because I haven't slept more than 7hours a day for the past 3 weeks. I probably will upload them on fb tmr after everything ends. Or probably Wednesday, after I awake from my ample slumber.