FASStrack Asia 2014: Fieldtrip to Korea

I was having such a good time I don't want to come back to face two weeks of hell D: these two weeks will be when all the assignments and tests are due, and I really should be writing my essay now instead of my blog, so I have to keep this short and sweet. I won't be able to describe every single day in great detail, so just refer to the pictures above. There are still many important events not captured by my camera because I'm waiting to steal others' photos, such as the viewing of The Show live etc.

In summary, Koreans are ultra nice people and I really miss Kim-unnie /: the Koreans kept showering us with gifts. There were gifts from SBS, Mnet, Cultwo Show, the schools etc. Everywhere we went, we were actually imposing on their normal schedule but they were still so nice to us! >.< Kim-unnie bought us teddy bears and Han 선생님 prepared a pretty file for our lessons. The teachers also helped Yu-Ru retrieve her lost camera by calling up the hotel, taxi company, 빵 and the hospital. I really appreciate all of them.

I think they did for us so much more than what we paid for. Kim-unnie was absolutely right in saying that this trip is priceless. Especially since we got to speak to producer Lee Eun and director Zhang Lu for 1hr+ each. And also producer Jake Lee who helped us arrange so many events. 감사합니다! ^___^

As for the group, I think it was very important that we got to interact with each other two weeks prior to the trip. It really helped in easing the flow of things. I got to know my bimbo-unnie and my 백육십 친구 and Yu-Ru and Zheng Xiao much better. Even though I got to know the others better as well, there was still a certain distance between us. But I couldn't possibly get to know everyone too well, there are always bound to be cliques. There just wasn't enough time to HTHT with everyone.