FASSTrack Asia 2014: My Room

Friday and I'll be leaving for Korea! ^_^ in the meantime, we still have Korean lessons everyday, and we also have a test the morning before our flight ._. it's like a prevention method, to prevent us from forgetting everything right before the trip haha. Itinerary's out, and it looks super packed, but it's so going to be a blast! :D

Anw, about my room in UTown Residence. It's supposed to be a graduate residence, but we're borrowing the rooms for the time being. It's quite a cosy little place, and my mom says it's way better than her university hostel last time. She had to wash her own toilet, but we not only get our toilets cleaned for us, there is housekeeping for the individual rooms too! We also get a pantry in each apartment, which my mom says it's good because the chances of food going missing is much less than in a common pantry. But we just share the food in our apartment, so I don't think it's that bad. And the best part about all this is that we do not share rooms. I think I would have been disturbing them when I talked with sijia until 2am the other night.

Pictures of the apartment;
I share the apartment with Cheryl and Celestine, and they have been really helpful and nice to me. They have stayed in the halls before, so they know how the system works much better than I do. When we first moved in, it was dusty and dirty and unkempt. But we cleaned up the place together. Idk what the previous occupants were doing that they could even leave seeds of eaten fruits in the fridge =.= Celestine also brought an induction cooker and a hot water boiler to convenience us, but we just end up buying our dinners every night, and we go to the water cooler for water because we're lazy that way haha.

Pictures of my room;
Pardon the messy table. I was doing some work halfway when I decided to show some love to my blog.