FASStrack Asia 2014: The (Official) End

The last week of summer programme was probably the most eventful week I had staying in hall because Christine came over with her car like three times, so we could go out to eat. And she also helped with my essay while I studied for my Korean language exam, which I really am grateful for. It's just not possible for one person to do both at once due to the amount of time required. I think only Christine will understand the implications of the previous sentence x:

It was probably also the most hectic week of all, because there were two presentations, one oral test and one finals and one essay O: I am glad I survived ^_^

I am really happy and proud to be part of the inaugural batch of students in the Korean programme. I truly enjoyed every moment of it. Even though there may have been hiccups and faults along the way, it is all part of being the try-out group, isn't it. And we asked Dr Jung if we could join in the trip again next year (without doing the module, of course) and then we'd probably be able to experience it without all the glitches \(^_^)/ and the places they visit will be different too, because there will be no more {Singing in the Rain} by Super Junior, and the set from {You're All Surrounded} would have been taken down. So it will be a same-same but different trip hehe.

On the last day of the programme, Dr Jung gave me candy for being the most active in participation. Isn't that just saying that I am the most talkative person? /: but I'm still happy about the candy yayee \(^_^)/

I really love my class and the crazy stuff we do, for example the time we named our groups accrording to the state of minds we were in;
The group names were {I want to sleep}, {I am tired}, {Laneige} and {I am hungry}. The Laneige group was Darren's group, because he bought a lot of beauty products in Korea.

This picture was from the time Dr Jung found out the truth behind the prank call. Daniel prank called us in the hotel, and a complaint was lodged, only to find out that the call came from another room XP I remember Dr Jung was sooo amused it was actually funny. We thought she'd be really upset and angry but she was fine with it haha.

Dr Jung even bought us dinner on our second last lesson, because there was a mass farewell dinner happening on the day of the last lesson. 고마워요 ♥

We officially ended the programme with collecting our certs, returning our keys and a farewell dinner. I think all the different classes grew close to each other throughout the programme, because there was laughter and chatter, very much unlike the welcome reception. Also, when they called out the countries we have visited, it turned out most of us were seated by our classes! I think my summer programme classmates are the only people I grew close to in uni. Of course I know my OG mates well too, but we don't see each other for 20days straight.

The food at the party was pretty awesome;
The ribeye steak was a fake though. They just put a sign there that said ribeye steak and they expected us to believe that?! We have eyes to see too, y'know.

That was the official end to it all, but there probably will be no unofficial end, as long as our friendships continue to last forever~


Here begins the Hari Raya long weekend which I spent and will be spending with Shanice bringing Yu-Ru around.

On Saturday, Yu-Ru moved into Shanice's house. But she left her passport in the hostel, so they ended up going back to get it. That kind of delayed things a little and we met at Orchard around 4.30pm. We went to Saveur and had duck confit and pasta and chicken roulade;

Then after walking around Wisma and Taka a little, we took an absolutely long bus ride to Yan Ling's birthday party at Downtown East;
I'm really quite touched that she invited us to her 21st birthday party because it is such a big event, and we have only barely known each other for slightly over a month, and I get invited :D

The colour theme of her birthday was blue, pink and purple. And the icing on the door gift cookie was also made to match the colour theme. Sho cute ^___^

That kind of concluded Saturday, not withstanding the fact that I decided to go to supper with the NDP people. And then I was convinced into doing something that I hope I don't regret. I don't think I will actually, since I am for a fact very pleased with the PA welfare system.

Sunday, we met at 11am for brunch at Holland Village's d'Good Cafe;

Credits to Shanice for the instavid

Then we went to Haw Par Villa;
We wanted to walk for about two hours, but ended up finishing the place in 40mins. It was really quite run down as compared to what I remembered of it when I was little. But parents never change, be it 15 years ago or the present. They still go to the 十八层地狱 place to scare their kids into behaving well.

We had three hours to go, so me and Shanice tried to look for something to do nearby, and decided to take Yu-Ru to take the cable car to Sentosa and went up the Merlion;

In the Merlion, Yu-Ru was reading the aloud the Korean signage, not because she understood everything, but because we have the reading ability. And then next to us were Koreans O: so they asked us about ourselves and spoke to us in Korean. We need to tell 한 선생님 we conversed with Koreans. She'll be sooo delighted hehe.

At around 4.20pm we met the Korean language class people for 노래방. There was super a lot of 情歌对唱, and oldies and classics. So apparently we are not only a class of Kpop fans, but it is also a class of Mandopop fans as well. Karaoke lasted only 2hrs, and we ended the session with {那些年}, which everyone sang together so there was no need for the mic ^_^ I like songs which everyone can sing together. Sorry to Hiro who is the only Japanese, and he just sat there listening to us sing most of the time, without understanding why we were screaming at the songs and singers. But he sang two jap songs for us too, so that's a bonus ^_^

For dinner, we had a booking at 2 Chefs at 8pm. We were finally seated and the food only came at 9pm. Darren jokingly said that they must really only have two chefs, that the food could take so long haha. The food was pretty good, and Hiro said it's probably the best thing he has eaten in Singapore. But I felt like some things could have been better. I mean, it's really good based on the overall quality of all the foods, but I know of better places for the individual dishes.

There was a role reversal during the dinner, because all of a sudden it weren't the Singaporeans who were capturing food pictures, but the Taiwanese who was taking photos of everything and barring the rest of us from touching the food;

We tried to teach Yu-Ru and Hiro how to eat chilli crab the right way. It was pretty funny because Hiro was totally into using all his fingers and sucking on the pincers while Yu-Ru was playing with the opening and closing of the pincers. And she tried not to get too dirty.

It's just amazing how close we are that we can have an outing within three days of planning and 14 out of 15 people turn up. I think Mai would have loved to come to, except it's the Hari Raya period, so we have to be understanding.

See you all tmr for the last day of our tour with Yu-Ru!