Crossings Cafe + Social Night

This is a twice failed birthday party. I ran away from camp yesterday to make up to the Queen for her previously failed birthday dinner because I was too busy with summer school, but she ended up sleeping until the meeting time so she didn't come to her own birthday. So we took polaroids of ourselves without her and put it on her birthday card :P

Dinner was at Crossings Cafe, supposedly a social enterprise. But social enterprise cafes don't work unless the food is good, because it is still afterall a cafe before a social enterprise. Ade was really happy with her bread, so I guess the cafe is working really well. Mine was a vegetarian lagsana, and I didn't really like it because of the mushrooms. I don't like mushrooms, so my comments are certainly biased.

Our dinner;
Looks good, tastes good too.

The place was a cozy setting with a yellow and black theme, situated in a quiet little street in the suburbs of town. It was easy to get there, just a minute walk away from Bras Basah train station.

After the nice dinner of non-camp food I headed back to camp. And camp was at Zouk. Within the first hour of arriving, I alr had downed some drinks and one cup of 7-up + raspberry + belverdere. That 7-up thingy was real good. Kudos to whoever mixed that thing. Then we played with some coke + whatever mix that was absolutely disgusting. How did those people even think of mixing it straight into the coke bottle? Couldn't they test it in a small cup before destroying all the coke?!

I went in to dance because Zouk will be closing, and it would probably be my last time there. However, after I danced like 30mins, I decided I still prefer the alcohol over the bright flashing lights and loud music, so I went outside to look for Hex. Which was a pretty bad idea because I ended up being super irritated by the Dragon. I was polite enough not to flare up at him, but I seriously was on the verge of scolding someone.

The night ended with a little pleasant surprise, and I was pretty happy about it. Even though I couldn't tolerate looking at all those drunk people lying all over the floor. I always believed in drinking responsibly. They had better be grateful that it's a school event and that they were safe with us. The only drunk person in our OG was Syrone, but he was still the not-too-bad kind of drunk, where he was still able to communicate and walk and get back by himself. But we couldn't let him close his eyes to sleep because then he would throw up the moment we stirred him. The R-House IC was completely wasted, and for that Andrea said that it just proves that all R-House ICs are f***ed-up because the R-House IC always gets drunk on Social Nights. Just like how she got drunk during the Arts Camp Social Night. But she didn't get drunk this morning because she is no longer the R-House IC haha.