First Half of Orientation Week

Day 0. Not for Freshies
I decided not to stay over for Day 0 to Day 1 anymore after I suffered from indigestion during Arts Camp. Also because I had something on in the morn of Day 1, and I preferred to go do my stuff from home rather than from school.

Day 0 started really late. A 15min briefing from O-Comm started at 10.30pm when it was originally scheduled for 9pm. I thought I could go home by 11pm but I was wrong. I left at 12mn, and by then House Time wasn't even over yet ._.

Day 1. Station Games + Fright Night
I met the freshies at around 3pm. Me and Hex were the only two senior councillors. Poor Hex had to survive without me for the morning introductions and all. Val and Kim had better be grateful I gave up my only week of freedom before school reopened to do this for them.

Apparently I heard that the freshies had sponsorship talks even before the camp officially began. Even the intro video was pushed to after the sponsorship talks ö I always thought sponsorship talks happened halfway through the camp so that tired little freshies could nap during the presentations. But I guess they wanted the freshies to listen to the sponsors this time.

I got the names of the freshies very quickly because they all have really unique and easy to remember names. For example Rufus the naked mole rat, the Garden of Eden, Casper the friendly ghost, Royce chocolate etc. And then there was Juan Yong. His name is sooo difficult, and therefore made it very easy to remember hehe. Does that even make sense?

At night, it was Fright Night. But I heard it wasn't scary because the ghosts were not allowed to touch the freshies. I have never been to Fright Night, and I am totally not interested in going, but I still can't believe the ghosts can't touch the freshies! That just removes the scare factor, leaving only the shock factor from the sudden BOO!s.

This camp is relatively much much (mentally) cleaner and toned down as compared to the previous few camps because of the complaint letter from TRS. It was also why ghosts can't touch freshies. I think everyone is afraid of the impact of another such letter appearing on social media. My dad even asked me not to go to camp because the letter made it to the Straits Times on Sunday, and he saw it. I had to explain that the camp in the papers is from another faculty and Arts Camp has nothing to do with it.

Day 1 was also the first time I ever had supper with the OG! Because I usually go home when they are bathing, I never get to stay until suppertime. But Day 1 ended really early, like at 11pm. So I decided to stay.

Day 2. Amazing Race + Wet and Dirty Games
When I told Yong Cheng that Amazing Race was held in school, and that we were not going to travel to East Coast Park or anything like that, he said {Wow. That's really amazing.} HAHAHA XD me and Wan Ping decided that it was not a very good idea that we came during amazing race, and that we should have came only for Wet and Dirty games.

The highlight probably was the wet and dirty games, and I have to admit wet and dirty games this time was really good. Like everyone came out wet and dirty. Unlike the time of Arts Camp, when everyone was dry and clean.

Other than that, Day 2 was a pretty normal day with me playing with Syrone's camera, in which I have a solo shot everyday hehehe.

Day 3. Beach Day
The highlight of the camp! And the day where we had the most seniors in the OG too. I guess everyone loves the Tug-of-War too much. It is like the sole reason to come back to camp. Yesterday was the first time many of us have seen such an intense match which ended with two draws out of three games. I really love the Tug-of-War atmosphere. I almost cried while watching the third match because I could really see Huan Jun and Jing Kang almost dying but still holding on to the last second of the five minutes.

Mass games were really good too. Besides that they kicked up a sandstorm during the game with the clothes peg, the Fun Ball Soccer was really entertaining to watch. At least we all knew what was going on, unlike during Arts Camp where people ran around and the game kept on resetting itself with new instructions each time. And I liked how they kept colliding into each other. It was sooo retarded but sooo funny.

I am looking forwards to the final three days! xoxo