O-Week Finale + Clique Dinner

Six days of O-Week finally came to a close today. There is still the optional 7th day tmr featuring Rag, but I won't be going down since I'm not a big fan of Rag. And I have alr watched the preview for Arts Rag during one of the evenings.

I am really happy to be a councillor. I think being a councillor is much much better than being a freshie. At least I get to diva with Syrone during games and apply a massive load of sunblock to prevent myself from getting sunburnt during beach day.

But there is this freshie who keeps teasing me. For the record, being evergreen is not 没人要, but rather 我不要别人. Get that straight okay.

Day 5. Flag Day + Teo Heng
Yesterday was Flag, and the freshies were really lucky because the minimum sum they had to collect was only $5. I remember last year it was around $20, and I don't think I did hit the minimum amount. But oh wells, it's alr over.

Within an hour of flagging, the freshies had all managed to get the minimum sum, so our OG went for a movie. Apparently A5, R2 and some other OGs all went for a movie too. And we all watched Guardians of the Galaxy;
I don't understand the rave about this movie because the jokes were sooo cold, the fight scenes appeared staged and it just didn't make the cut of Marvel movies. Not that I have watched a lot of Marvel movies, but from my limited view, this was quite bad. And who on earth is Howard the Duck? I completely did not get the ending. Jingmin thinks that it may be their way of introducing a new character for the next movie. If it really was, I am totally not going to watch the movie with the poster of a white-coloured fluffy feathered duck.

After the movie I went home. Ten minutes after I got home Val told me they were going for a karaoke session, so I went out to find them again. We split ourselves into two rooms; one for Chinese songs and another for those who wanted to sing English songs. I was obviously in the room where they were singing Chinese songs;
We sang many oldies, and there was an obvious generation gap between those born before 1994 and the 1995 girls. Yong Cheng was super good at singing I think we all got a shock.

Day 6. War Games + Finale
The wet weather games today were just stupid. It was like all based on luck and no skill. They played 猜拳 and cards and were made to do pushups. But while I discredit their wet weather plans, I have to agree that this O-Comm comes up with really good mass games.

I didn't stay to finish watching the whole game, and neither did I stay for the finale, because I was out with the favouritest people of all time.

Clique Dinner

Omg it's been almost half a year since we last saw everyone together. But the coolest thing about being friends of almost eight years is that we are always still able to talk no matter what the circumstances. Although I feel quite apologetic that I was really dead because I have been on a no-sleep spree ever since Arts Camp. The week after Arts Camp was summer school, and then within two days after Yu-Ru left was O-Week. I really find my energy level amazing sometimes. Like how on earth do I play so hard for so long.

Hj got a new tablet phone which Christine asked me to call just so that they could see how stupid hj looks using that thing. But amanda picked up my call instead;

After dinner we randomly chanced upon an exhibition displaying the Singapore Spirit and started on a photo-taking spree;

I like how we are always so spontaneous in doing stupid poses for the camera. Usually other people only do really simple poses that do not display creativity, and they don't listen to me when I say we should do this or do that, cos they think it is too embarrassing for them. I don't even have to tell this bunch of people how to do it, we are just naturals. No wonder we are clique.

There is one more 压轴 picture that I'm saving for the day after, so wait for it.