Random Thoughts

It's been a while since I simply wrote about whatever is on my mind. It's nice to just get rid of things from hogging my thoughts and refresh myself (:

I've been feeling pretty down the past couple of days and I have no idea why. Maybe I'm suffering from depression ): or 我坏事做太多 and my conscience is catching up on me. Regardless, I'm quite happy that I woke up feeling better today! I really hate random blue spells, because I can't even phantom where it comes from, but it reduces my productivity to zero. I can't concentrate on doing anything right, especially not on thinking happy thoughts to make my brain assume everything is alright. Today I'm grateful for hj who had lunch with me, and for the coincidental bumping into jas and cj at the end of the day. It lifted up my mood quite a fair bit (:


I've been religiously doing my readings for the first two weeks of school! \(^_^)/ but then I really seem to have no life besides staring at papers and filing them up, and then taking out more papers to stare at. I'm really glad that I don't have a lot to do for GEK1520 Understanding the Universe, because SC3101 has almost twice the amount of readings as compared to a LV2000 mod. I guess that kind of evened out. In case I burn out doing three LV3000s next sem, I would seriously consider going for 4 mods instead of the regular 5, since I have alr cleared two mods during the summer programme.


Last Saturday while having desserts at Xin Wang after the steamboat at Alex's house, Chanel showed us this;
And then the whole table's general comments were on the lines of {who would want these kinds of things} or {those people who want can just ask me, I'll give mine to them} etc.

Honestly, idk what people can do with buying an expired Chingay tix. What, go watch Chingay with it next year? They'll just be rejected at the door. And I also can't understand people who want to buy samples. I thought they were called samples cos they were free. While some of the uniforms are really pretty, Chingay'11 and Chingay'12 shirts just don't make the cut. Those are almost transparent pieces of cloth. Always remember to wear a white tanktop underneath.

I thought that episode of was quite entertaining, cos the people who have so much of these stuff don't actually want them, and those who don't have are actually willing to pay for them. That's just the reality of life isn't it, the grass is always greener on the other side /: