The first time I came to know about this contraption was when my sister transferred to Ai Tong School. Because of the Gifted Education Programme, her school gets more funding to splurge on this kind of technologies. But my sister's alr Sec 3 now, so that was really a long time ago. And I used to think that it was quite cool.

In the recent weeks, however, I have come to interact with the SMART Board, and I have to say, I'm understanding it more and getting better at this by the week. But it's name is pretty much of an overstatement. It's actually not as smart as I expected it to be, and it still requires a lot of work by the human.

For example, each time the SMART Board gets turned on, the human has to do this click routine to centre the projection and tell the board where is should focus on. It doesn't autosave the focal point even though it is just installed into the wall and hasn't moved since the last time it was used. I mean, if it can autosave the focal point, and then the realignment thing is only required upon detection of movement, then it is really smart. Even my old Windows 7 computer can detect movement and prompt me to close it. Why does much more advance technology work the opposite?

Also, it kind of gets irritating when you cannot hold two markers in your hands at the same time. Granted, the markers act like styluses and the com can only detect one mouse at a time, so I get that only one person can write on the SMART Board at once. But I cannot even hold two markers in my hands so that I can write and switch colours conveniently, because all unused markers must be put back in it's holder. Otherwise, the colours will screw up.

Of course, plus points for being able to clean out itself in just one click of the button, and for its ability to save and send so that things don't get forgotten. Anyhow, I still feel that old is better.