Third Goodbye to Jiamin

Come Sunday night / Monday early morning, jm will be leaving us for her third semester in Japan. If not for jm's departure, I don't ever think we would work so hard for an outing. Clique seems to always take each other for granted, and we only have outings on speacial occasions like CNY, bdays, Christmas, or end of term chill-out time. We hardly ever have gatherings, much less during term time. But I think that's a part about being old friends, we don't ever need to see each other to be catching up or to show concern. They will just always have that special place in my heart ♥

To bid goodbye to jm, I had my second and third eat-out this week. The first dinner out this week was Antoinette with D and Alex after a chit-chat session in PA HQ on Tuesday. Seriously, if it's an interview, then just call it that. What's with the fancy names? The chit-chat session ended so late, that by the time we got to the cafe, the waitress had to confirm that they were to serve us the dinner menu, and not the dessert menu ._.

Antoinette even in sg still retains its Victorian-era feel;

The food ain't as good as it was in France, but I think there really is no basis of comparison on that. 

This is the Crab Pomodoro which I ordered, but gave up eating halfway cos it was spicy. Apparently D enjoyed it a lot so he finished it off.

And when the bill came, it came in this cute little trinket box;
It's the cheap thrills in life that make it so enjoyable :D


Today we were supposed to have Food for Thought for dinner, but cos we weren't hungry, we had desserts instead. Then me and jm waited for amanda to have dinner together later in the evening.

What we ate;
While me and Christine were busy taking photos of the food from ten thousand different angles, jm was all ready to eat haha. The sauce for the fries was awesome! Even though the fries were just normal, but the dressing really did make all the difference. The soup was probably lacking in salt / seasoning, and we all felt a little weird drinking it. Until Christine suggested dipping the fries in it, and suddenly the soup tasted normal. She concluded it was the salt from the fries that helped. So we concluded that the soup lacked salt. Oh and dipping the bread in both the fries' dressing and the soup produces a really interesting taste! :D next time can we can just order the soup and bread and ask for dressing without the fries. We ordered the cake because it was on offer, and turns out I didn't really like the mousse cos it was a little too sweet. Oh well, it was on offer. And we have a consumerist mindset.

Christine left for church, and me and jm walked to suntec to get jm a pair of boots for this coming winter. Then we went to the supermarket where I bought my lunch for tmr and some chips, while jm randomly decided to get a bottle of mouthwash cos I recommended it haha.

Amanda came, and we had dinner at a place called Kimchi;

Jm had some seafood soup, I had seafood noodles, and amanda had ginseng chicken ramen. It was a good meal for the price, even though the food didn't exactly look the most photogenic. Me and jm were surprised that for $10, we actually got a piece of real crab, a mussel and a prawn each O: we were both up for passing the seafood in our soups around the table. Amanda's soup was the best.

We had a little short discussion about how we seem to get each other's jokes and pick-up lines even when other people don't get it. And we are able to make the coldest jokes out of nothing spontaneously just at the sight of a trigger. I think we have spent so much time together our brain frequencies are all in tune. It's some physio-psychological theory, a little like the period sync. We think the same things, laugh at the same things, and spout the same nonsensical things. I really cherish these people a lot, and I hope that we will never ever drift apart and go out of sync with each other ♥

p.s. while waiting for amanda, me and jm went to take photo of the angry wendy just to get a good laugh out of it;
this is the signboard of wendy's at the suntec city basement.